“A Summer Place” quotes

Movie A Summer Place
Title A Summer Place
Year 1959
Director Delmer Daves
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Bart and Sylvia live at Pine Island with their teenage son Johnny. They manage a hotel together and one day Ken Jorgenson arrives with his wife Helen and his daughter Molly. The guys become friends but the adults can't stand themselves. Ken and Sylvia look at their children and think of when they were young lovers. The watchman sees them and tells everything to Helen.
All actors – Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire, Sandra Dee, Arthur Kennedy, Troy Donahue, Constance Ford, Beulah Bondi, Jack Richardson, Martin Eric, Eleanor Audley, Marshall Bradford, Phil Chambers, Joe Connors, Peter Constanti, Richard Deacon, Ann Doran, Gertrude Flynn, Bonnie Franklin, Everett Glass, Robert Griffin, Howard Hoffman, Cheryl Holdridge, Lolita, Rankin Mansfield, Fred Marlow, Lewis Martin, Junius Matthews, Nancy Matthews, Dale J. Nicholson, Susan Odin, Donald G. Sheely, Roberta Shore, Arthur Space, George Taylor, Helen Wallace, Cecil Weston
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  • “Don't you ever underestimate the value of a decent reputation.”
    Constance Ford - Helen Jorgenson
  • “- Sylvia Hunter: I'm perfectly willing to come to you whenever you want.
    - Ken Jorgenson: All summer?
    - Sylvia Hunter: All summer.
    - Ken Jorgenson: What about the winter? All the winters... all our lives?”

    Dorothy McGuire - Sylvia Hunter
    Richard Egan - Ken Jorgenson
  • “- Molly Jorgenson: Is kissing me tough?
    - Johnny Hunter: Stopping after one is.”

    Sandra Dee - Molly Jorgenson
    Troy Donahue - Johnny Hunter
  • “I love you so much I ache inside.”

    Troy Donahue - Johnny Hunter
    [Tag:love, pain]
  • “You seem to have an infinite capacity for hurt. First you try to destroy your daughter, and now our son.”

    Dorothy McGuire - Sylvia Hunter