“All the Bright Places” quotes

Movie All the Bright Places
Title All the Bright Places
Year 2020
Director Brett Haley
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – This is the story of Violet and Theodore, two teenagers brought together by fate, who will change each others lifes forever. She is popular, he is a freak. Together they are an unstoppable duo. Both struggling with emotional trauma from their past, they start to wander and explore all the strangest places in their home state of Indiana for a school project, but eventually they become friends and fall in love. As a result, Violet slowly begins to heal, embrace life again and open up about herself and her sister's death. Finch on the other side is getting worse. He continues to suffer from bipolar disorder and therefore his behavior affects negatively his relationship with Violet, pushing her away from him. He isolates himself from everyone including Violet.
All actors – Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Alexandra Shipp, Kelli O'Hara, Lamar Johnson, Virginia Gardner, Felix Mallard, Sofia Hasmik, Keegan-Michael Key, Luke Wilson, Chris Grace, Sharon Ivers, Isabella Fay, Nicole Forester, Sara Katrenich, Alex Haydon, Jonathan Schaffer
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