“Bigger Than Life” quotes

Movie Bigger Than Life
Title Bigger Than Life
Year 1956
Director Nicholas Ray
Genre Drama
Plot – Ed Avery is a modest teacher who, in order to earn some more money, works for an automobile company without telling his wife. The excessive work is almost fatal for the man, who falls ill with a rare and severe form of inflammation of the arteries. To save him, the doctors subject him to a cortisone-based treatment that saves his life. After he has left the hospital, he has to take the medicine every day. In the long run, the medicine will start having the same effects as drugs.
All actors – James Mason, Barbara Rush, Walter Matthau, Robert F. Simon, Christopher Olsen, Roland Winters, Rusty Lane, Rachel Stephens, Kipp Hamilton, Dee Aaker, David Bedell, Gail Bonney, Harold Bostwick, Mary Carroll, Virginia Carroll, Mary Carver, Betty Caulfield, Lewis Charles, George Chester, Richard Collier, Fred Dale, Nan Dolan, Alex Frazer, Grace Hayle, Bill Jones, Colin Kenny, Wilbur Mack, Eve March, Thomas Martin, Portland Mason, Natalie Masters, Jerry Mathers, Mary McAdoo, Renny McEvoy, Joseph Mell, Sid Melton, Joe Merritt, John Monaghan, Eugenia Paul, Paul Peters, Gladys Richards, Mary Margaret Robinson, Gus Schilling, Ann Spencer, Hal Taggart
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