“Brokedown Palace” quotes

Movie Brokedown Palace
Title Brokedown Palace
Year 1999
Director Jonathan Kaplan
Genre Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Alice and Darlene, two high-school graduates, pretend to leave for Hawaii but go to teeming, hot, exotic Bangkok instead and end up in a cheap motel with cockroaches. Tourists by accident and reckless by nature, the two befriend a blonde Australian crook, agree to join him in Hong Kong and are stopped at the airport. Thirteen pounds of pure heroin are found in the backpack of the two naive girls. Imprisonment, punishment, latrines, torture and eastern deceptions, a summary trial and heavy sentencing.
All actors – Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Pullman, Jacqueline Kim, Lou Diamond Phillips, Daniel Lapaine, Tom Amandes, Aimee Graham, John Doe, Kay Tong Lim, Beulah Quo, Henry O
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