“Strange Days” quotes

Movie Strange Days
Title Strange Days
Year 1995
Director Kathryn Bigelow
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – 30 December 1999. The whole world is celebrating the new millennium and in Los Angeles people are having fun thanks to a clip through which they can re-experience special memories of strangers. Lenny Nero is a former policeman who now sells these kinda stolen dreams. He receives then the recording of Iris's death, one of his partners, and he starts looking for the culprit because he fears Iris's killer can murder Faith Justin too, his former girlfriend. Lenny gradually discovers the truth but his life is in danger. At this point only Faith can help him.
All actors – Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore, Michael Wincott, Vincent D'Onofrio, Glenn Plummer, Brigitte Bako, Richard Edson, William Fichtner, Josef Sommer, Joe Urla, Nicky Katt, Michael Jace, Louise LeCavalier, David Carrera, Jim Ishida, Todd Graff, Malcolm Norrington, Anais Munoz, Ted Haler, Rio Hackford, Brook Susan Parker, Brandon Hammond, Donald 'Donnie' Young, B.J. Crockett, Dex Elliott Sanders, Ronnie Willis, David Packer, Paulo Tocha, J. Michael Muro, Ron Young, Art Chudabala, Erica Kelly, Marlana Young, Ray Chang, Raul Reformina, Chris Douridas, Billie Worley, Amon Bourne, Lisa Picotte, Kylie Ireland, Dru Berrymore, Stefan Arngrim, Agustin Rodriguez, Kelly Hu, Nynno Anderson, Liat Goodson, Honey Labrador, Delane Vaughn, Mark Arneson, James Acheson, John Francis, Zoot, Royce L. Minor, Milan Reynolds, Russell W. Smith, Sarah Abukutsa Marshall, Russell Hines, Michael Jaasi, Maurice Marshall, Carolyn Adunni McPherson, Jennifer Reeves, Charmain Renata Hubbard, Reginald T. Thornton, Chester A. Whitmore, Lori Simone Wilkerson, Ed Arneson, Yan Birch, Andrew Calder, Jaime H. Campos, Robert 'Duckie' Carpenter, John Daniels, Gregory Diamond, Sebastian Feldman, Masaaki Fujimori, Kim Giancaterino, Paul Malinowski, Me Phi Me, Duane Trower, Tom Tom Typhoon
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