“Cadence” quotes

Movie Cadence
Martin Sheen directed this movie in 1990
Title Cadence
Year 1990
Director Martin Sheen
Genre Drama
Plot – Franklin Bean Jr. is an American soldier stationed in Germany in 1965. On his return from a leave obtained for the funeral of his father, Franklin gets into a bar fight and gets sent to prison at Camp Berenfeld which is run by the tyrannical Sergeant McKinney. The relationship between the two is explosive and they risk ending up in a fight. Only in the end, when Franklin is leaving for Vietnam, do the two find a sort of understanding. The two main characters are actors Martin and Charlie Sheen, father and son, and this adds interest to the story.
All actors – Charlie Sheen, Jay Brazeau, Matt Clark, Tom McBeath, David Glyn-Jones, Samantha Langevin, Jenn Griffin, Tony Pantages, Deryl Hayes, David Michael O'Neill, Roark Critchlow, Martin Sheen
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