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Movie Se7en
David Fincher directed this movie in 1995
Title Se7en
Year 1995
Director David Fincher
Genre Drama, Crime, Mystery
Plot – A clever and ruthless murderer is killing chosen people in rapid sequence and in the most gruesome way. The young and ambitious Mills and the expert Somerset are looking for him, even if they have opposite personalities and they barely stand each other. They learn to "live together" as the hunt for the killer goes on and the mystery begins to be clearer: the monster chooses the victims and kills them following the seven deadly sins - gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, pride, envy and anger.
All actors – Morgan Freeman, Andrew Kevin Walker, Daniel Zacapa, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Cassini, Bob Mack, Peter Crombie, Reg E. Cathey, R. Lee Ermey, George Christy, Endre Hules, Hawthorne James, William Davidson, Bob Collins, Jimmy Dale Hartsell, Richard Roundtree, Charline Su, Dominique Jennings, Allan Kolman, Beverly Burke, Gene Borkan, Julie Araskog, Mario Di Donato, Alfonso Freeman, John C. McGinley, Harrison White, Bob Stephenson, Michael Reid MacKay, Kevin Spacey, Richard Portnow, Tudor Sherrard, Mark Boone Junior, Pamala Tyson, Lennie Loftin, Sarah Reinhardt, Emily Wagner, Martin Serene, Michael Massee, David Correia, Ron Blair, Cat Mueller, Leland Orser, Lexie Bigham, Evan Mirand, Paul Eckstein, Harris Savides, Rachel Flanagan, Heidi Schanz, Brian Evers, Shannon Wilcox, Richard Schiff, James Deeth, John Santin, Charles A. Tamburro, Richmond Arquette, Duffy Gaver, , Charles S. Dutton, Gregory Fennell, Arthur Max
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