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Martin Sheen
August 3, 1940 in Dayton
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Martin Sheen quotes
  • “How many people had I already killed? There were those six that I knew about for sure. Close enough to blow their last breath in my face. But this time, it was an American and an officer. That wasn't supposed to make any difference to me, but it did. Shit... charging a man with murder in this place was like handing out speeding tickets in the...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
    [Tag:killing, war]
  • “- Chef: I was supposed to go to Paris, study at the Escoffier School. That's when I got my orders. Well, I joined the Navy. Heard they had better food. Cook school, that did it.
    - Willard: Oh yeah? How's that?
    - Chef: They lined us up in front of a hundred yards of prime rib. All of us, you know, lined up and looking at it. Magnificent meat!...” (continue)
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    Frederic Forrest - Jay 'Chef' Hicks
    Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
    [Tag:cooking, food, navy]
  • “I'm talking about the classic paradox of time. Imagine, for example, I go back in time and meet my own grandfather. Long before he got married, before he had children. And we have an argument, and I kill him. Now if that happens, how am I ever going to be born? And if I can never be born, how can I go back in history and meet my very own...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Martin Sheen - Warren Lasky
    [Tag:paradoxes, time]
  • “- Captain Benjamin L. Willard: I was sent on a classified mission, sir.
    - Colonel Walter E. Kurtz: It's no longer classified, is it? Did they tell you?
    - Captain Benjamin L. Willard: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.
    - Colonel Walter E. Kurtz: Are my methods unsound?
    - Captain Benjamin L. Willard:...” (continue)
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    Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
    Marlon Brando - Colonel Walter E. Kurtz
    [Tag:madness, secrets, war]
  • “I don't go to bed with no whore, and I don't wake up with no whore. That's how I live with myself. I don't know how you do it.”

    Martin Sheen - Carl Fox
  • “To be a good soldier you must love the army. To be a good commander you must be able to order the death of the thing you love.”

    Martin Sheen - Gen. Robert E. Lee
  • - Bud Fox: Did mom give you fish for dinner?
    - Carl Fox: Spaghetti! Your mother still makes lousy spaghetti.
    - Bud Fox: It's called "pasta" now, dad. "Spaghetti" is out of date.
    - Carl Fox: So am I.

    Charlie Sheen - Bud Fox
    Martin Sheen - Carl Fox
    [Tag:dinner, food, old age]
  • “- Gen. Robert E. Lee: We have never concerned ourselves with being outnumbered.
    - Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet: That is true, sir. If we move to the south to Washington, they have to pursue us, and then we can fight on ground of our choosing.
    - Gen. Robert E. Lee: But the enemy is here! We did not want the fight but the fight is here! How can I...” (continue)
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    Martin Sheen - Gen. Robert E. Lee
    Tom Berenger - Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet
  • - Carl Fox: "There came into Egypt a Pharaoh who did not know".
    - Gordon Gekko: I beg your pardon, is that a proverb?
    - Carl Fox: No, a prophecy. The rich have been doing it to the poor since the beginning of time. The only difference between the Pyramids and the Empire State Building is the Egyptians didn't allow unions. I know what this guy is... (continue)
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    Martin Sheen - Carl Fox
    Michael Douglas - Gordon Gekko
    [Tag:greed, wealth]
  • “- A.J. MacInerney: The President doesn't answer to you, Lewis!
    - Lewis Rothschild: Oh, yes he does A.J. I'm a citizen, this is my President. And in this country it is not only permissible to question our leaders it's our responsibility!”

    Martin Sheen - A.J. MacInerney
    Michael J. Fox - Lewis Rothschild
  • “- Colonel Lucas: Did you not assassinate a government tax collector in Quang Tri province, June 19th, 1968? Captain?
    - Captain Benjamin L. Willard: Sir, I am unaware of any such activity or operation... nor would I be disposed to discuss such an operation if it did in fact exist, sir.”

    Harrison Ford - Colonel Lucas
    Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
    [Tag:killing, secrets]
  • “- Chief Phillips: My orders say I'm not supposed to know where I'm taking this boat, so I don't! But one look at you, and I know it's gonna be hot!
    - Captain Benjamin L. Willard: We're going up river about 75 klicks above the Do Lung bridge.
    - Chief Phillips: That's Cambodia, captain.
    - Captain Benjamin L. Willard: That's classified. We're not...” (continue)
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    Albert Hall - Chief Phillips
    Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
  • “Stop going for the easy buck and start producing something with your life. Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others.”

    Martin Sheen - Carl Fox
  • - Captain Hollister: What's to stop me from having you erased right here and now?
    - John Rainbird: My word - that I've already made certain provisions that should I "disappear", The Shop will cease to exist within six weeks.

    Martin Sheen - Captain Hollister
    George C. Scott - John Rainbird
    [Tag:promises, threat]
  • “- Jeremy Collier: You told me that more people die in car-wrecks each year than died in Vietnam.
    - Bob Collier: Well, I may have said that...
    - Jeremy Collier: Not 'may have', did!”

    Emilio Estevez - Jeremy Collier
    Martin Sheen - Bob Collier
    [Tag:accident, cars]
  • “I've never liked the coffee at the White House. I think it has something to do with the 150 year old China.”
    Martin Sheen - Tom Highland
    [Tag:coffee, contempt]
  • “- A.J. MacInerney: Mr.President, this is an electionyear. If you're looking for female companionship, we can make certain arrangements that will ensure total privacy.
    - President Andrew Shepherd: I don't want you to get me a girl, A.J.! What is this, Vegas?
    - A.J. MacInerney: No sir, this is the White House.”

    Martin Sheen - A.J. MacInerney
    Michael Douglas - President Andrew Shepherd
    [Tag:presidency, women]
  • “Let's send Greg Stillson to the United States Senate - and mediocrity to hell!”
    Martin Sheen - Greg Stillson
  • “I have had a vision that I am going to be President of the United States someday. And nobody, and I mean nobody is going to stop me!”
    Martin Sheen - Greg Stillson
  • “They do not die for us. Not for us. That at least is a blessing. If this war goes on, and it will... what else can we do but go on, you and I? It's always the same question forever. What else can we do? If they fight, we must fight with them. And does it matter after all who wins?”
    Martin Sheen - Gen. Robert E. Lee
  • “- Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart: General Lee, there were reasons...
    - Gen. Robert E. Lee: Perhaps you misunderstood my orders? Perhaps I did not make myself clear. Well sir, this must be made very clear. You, sir, with your cavalry, are the eyes of this army. Without your cavalry, we are made blind. That has already happened once. It must never, never...” (continue)
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    Joseph Fuqua - Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart
    Martin Sheen - Gen. Robert E. Lee
  • “- Greg Stillson: Put your hand on the scanning screen, and you'll go down in history with me!
    - Five Star General: As what? The world's greatest mass murderers?
    - Greg Stillson: You cowardly bastard! You're not the voice of the people, I am the voice of the people! The people speak through me, not you!”

    Martin Sheen - Greg Stillson
    Gordon Jocelyn - Five-Star General
    [Tag:crime, glory, people]
  • “- Gen. Robert E. Lee: When the fight is coming, I want you to stay back from the main line. This army has already lost far too many of it's veteran commanders, and you sir have a very bad habit of moving too far forward.
    - Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet: Can't lead from behind.”

    Martin Sheen - Gen. Robert E. Lee
    Tom Berenger - Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet
  • “You've said it yourself a million times. If there had been a TV in every living room sixty years ago, this country does not elect a man in a wheelchair.”

    Martin Sheen - A.J. MacInerney
  • “I am one of those cliff-hanging Catholics. I don't believe in God, but I do believe that Mary was his mother.”
    Martin Sheen