“Creepshow 2” quotes

Movie Creepshow 2
Title Creepshow 2
Year 1987
Director Michael Gornick
Genre Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Interpreted by
Plot – A young "Creepshow" Comics fan is looking forward to the release of the new number where Creep, a terrifying old man, tells his terrifying stories. In the first episode, the statue of an Indian chief is guarding the door of an isolated drugstore in a small American town. When three thugs brutally murder Roy and Martha Spruce - the elderly owners of the store - to steal a package of jewellery belonging to the local Native American tribe, Chief Wooden Head suddenly comes to life and kills the criminals. The next morning, the statue is once again standing in its place. However, the statue is holding the scalp of the cruel young man that was leading the criminals, while the package of jewellery has been mysteriously returned to the tribal Chief. In the second episode, two young couples are on a out-of-season trip to an isolated lake. They decide, despite the cold temperatures, to go for a swim since the water seems quiet. They reach a raft that is at the centre of the lake and notice, in horror, a mysterious large sticky spot floating on the lake's surface. The spot has been chasing them, and it snatches them from the raft, grabs them one by one, wraps them in strong tentacles and devours them. In the last episode an adulterous wife, driving home from a rendezvous, runs over a black hitchhiker and kills him. Under shock and terrified of the possible reaction of her rich husband, she resumes her mad rush without even trying to help the victim. However, from that moment on she is tortured by remorse and the dead man continuously reappears in front of her, each time more bloody and butchered, while she believes she is running over and killing him over and over again. Finally the woman reaches her garage, where she dies still struggling with the ghost.
All actors – Domenick John, Tom Savini, George Kennedy, Philip Dore, Maltby Napoleon, Tyrone Tonto, Dorothy Lamour, Frank Salsedo, Holt McCallany, David Holbrook, Don Harvey, Dan Kamin
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