“Radioactive Dreams” quotes

Movie Radioactive Dreams
Albert Pyun directed this movie in 1985
Title Radioactive Dreams
Year 1985
Director Albert Pyun
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Music, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
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All actors – John Stockwell, Michael Dudikoff, Michele Little, Lisa Blount, Don Murray, George Kennedy, Norbert Weisser, Christian Andrews, Paul Keller Galan, Demian Slade, Hilary Shepard, Sue Saad, Kimberly McKillip, Gulcin Gilbert, Mark Brown, Nathan Stein, Cynthia Ream, Glory Fioramonti, Chris Desjardins, Johnny B. Frank, Madelynn von Ritz, Eve Muller, Damon Webb, Garette Ratliff Henson, Joan Selesnow, James Welch, Terence McGovern, Reni Santoni, Archie Hahn, Robin Arcuri, Dana Sue Collins, Jay Gowey, Jenny Maki, Todd Maki, Brian Penikas, Smith Wordes, Jeff Yesko, Che Zuro
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  • “In a tight jam, a nuclear missile just might come in handy.”
    John Stockwell - Phillip Chandler
  • “We now saw the world for what it was: cold and bitter. Sad thing was, me and Marlowe had become infected by the disease. We were angry and vengeful and all we wanted to do was get back at the world, to make 'em all pay for what they'd done to us.”
    John Stockwell - Phillip Chandler
  • “Back off, just back off. Your breath smells like the runs, Miles. It's irritating my nose and wrinkling my suit.”
    Michael Dudikoff - Marlowe Hammer
  • “We're on the clock, sister. This is time to clear the board, win the game, chambers loaded, hammers cocked, and our fingers are itching like a cat with a serious case of fleas.”
    Michael Dudikoff - Marlowe Hammer
  • “That was our first encounter with disco mutants. I was sure it wouldn't be our last.”
    John Stockwell - Phillip Chandler
  • “- Miles Archer: I'm going to blow your head off unless I get those keys!
    - Marlowe Hammer: So what does this mean, Miles? You don't love me no more?”

    Lisa Blount - Miles Archer
    Michael Dudikoff - Marlowe Hammer
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