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Movie Dance with Me
Title Dance with Me
Year 1998
Director Randa Haines
Genre Drama, Romance, Music
Plot – Young Rafael Infante has moved to Houston, Texas, from Santiago de Cuba, to work at the Excelsior Dance Studio, a dance school run by John Burnett where the fiery and aggressive Ruby Sinclair teaches. Rafael and Ruby go dancing together in a club. When they return to her house, her young son Peter is waiting for them. The two kiss. As the students are getting ready for the upcoming world championships in Las Vegas, Patricia is supposed to be John's partner, but he refuses and she chooses Rafael instead. Ruby is excluded and tells Rafael that she will participate by teaming up with Julien, Peter's father. Tension mounts between Rafael and John. In Las Vegas Rafael sees Ruby again and tells her he wants to return to Cuba. They begin the world championship of ballroom dancing. John can no longer keep the secret and tells Rafael of being his father. The two embrace. Ruby and Julien win the world championship. An agent offers Ruby a contract in Las Vegas but Rafael arrives and the two dance together. Shortly afterwards the school, which was about to close, reopens with Rafael and Ruby as managers and teachers.
All actors – Vanessa Williams, Chayanne, Kris Kristofferson, Joan Plowright, Jane Krakowski, Beth Grant, Harry Groener, William Marquez, Scott Paetty, Rick Valenzuela, Chaz Oswill, Liz Curtis
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