“Save the Last Dance” quotes

Movie Save the Last Dance
Title Save the Last Dance
Year 2001
Director Thomas Carter
Genre Drama, Romance, Music
Plot – The lovely mother of Sara died while she was rushing in order not to miss the daughter's dance show. Sara, consumed by guilt, hangs the shoes to the nail. However, not even on purpose, when she moves to the father’s place - a busted jazz musician - and begins to attend the high school in the ghetto, she meets a black boy who dances breakdance wonderfully. So Sara gets in touch with hip-hop culture, while he begins to argue with his friends of the ghetto.
All actors – Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas, Kerry Washington, Fredro Starr, Terry Kinney, Bianca Lawson, Vince Green, Garland Whitt, Elisabeth Oas, Artel Great, Cory Stewart, Jennifer Anglin, Dorothy Martin, Kim Tlusty, Felicia Fields, Ora Jones, Tab Baker, Kevin Reid, Andrew Rothenberg, Mekdes Bruk, Ronnie Ray, Tai'isha Davis, Karimah Westbrook, Erica Hubbard, Richmond Talauega, Whitney Wellner, Brenda Pickleman, Julie Greenberg, Anna Paskevska, Malaika Paul, Jennifer Echols, Ellie Weingardt, Earl Manning, Latisha Oliver, Nefertiti Robinson, Roland Tabor, Anthony Talauega, Richard Whitebear, Earl Wright, Ariane Dolan, Chryssie Whitehead, Sarita Smith Childs, Trinity Hamilton, Randy Herrera, Audrey Leung, Katrina Oeffling, Joanna Wozniak, Maia Wilkins, Davis C. Robertson, Michael Anderson, Deanne Brown, Deborah Dawn, Nicole Marie Duffy, Sam Franke, Jennifer Goodman, Taryn Kaschock, Stacy Joy Keller, Calvin Kitten, Michael Levine, Pierre Lockett, Suzanne L. Prisco, Brian McSween, Jeremiah O'Connor, Emily Patterson, Domingo Rubio, Tracy Shields, Patrick Simonello, Guoping Wang, Teanna Zarro, , Jerod Howard, Milauna Jackson, Safia Jalila, Slim Khezri, Maureen Mendoza, Josey Miller, Marcello Robinson, Lora Starkman, Denice Storey, Alice L. Walker
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