“Gray's Anatomy” quotes

Movie Gray's Anatomy
Steven Soderbergh directed this movie in 1996
Title Gray's Anatomy
Year 1996
Director Steven Soderbergh
Genre Drama, Comedy
All actors – Spalding Gray, Mike McLaughlin, Melissa Robertson, Alvin Henry, Alyne Hargroder, Buddy Carr, Gerry Urso, Chris Simms, Tommy Staub, Kirk A. Patrick Jr.
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  • “I looked across the park, and in the distance I saw leaves blowing in the wind, bunch of children running, a red ball rolling, a flock of starlings taking off. I covered my right eye: no leaves. Blur of children, blotch of red, no birds. Covered my left: ah! Ecstacy. Cover my right: despair. Ecstacy. Despair. And I realized at that moment that I...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Spalding Gray - Himself
  • “Doubt is my bottom line. The only thing I don't doubt is my own doubt.”
    Spalding Gray - Himself