“The Santa Clause” quotes

Movie The Santa Clause
Title The Santa Clause
Year 1994
Director John Pasquin
Genre Drama, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Plot – Scott Calvin is the director of an American toys company and he spends Christmas Eve with his son Charlie, reading him a story about Santa Claus even if the boy has some doubts about his existence. A noise on the roof makes Scott get out of the house just in time to see Santa Claus falling down. He dies in a few minutes, so Scott and Charlie drive his sleigh back to the North Pole where Bernard, the eldest goblin, has found out what's happened to Santa Claus and tells Scott he's now the new Santa Claus.
All actors – Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson, Eric Lloyd, David Krumholtz, Larry Brandenburg, Mary Gross, Paige Tamada, Peter Boyle, Judith Scott, Jayne Eastwood, Melissa King, Bradley Wentworth, Azura Bates, Joshua Satok, Zachary McLemore, Joyce Guy, Lindsay Lupien, Alexandra Petrocci, Jesse Collins, David-Paul Grove, Steve Vinovich, Aimee McIntyre, Tabitha Lupien, Lachlan Murdoch, Dennis O'Connor, David Sparrow, Ron Hartmann, Nic Knight, Scott Wickware, Gene Mack, Brett Moon, Ryan Moon, Jack Newman, Michael Caruana, Micha Jackson, Cody Jones, Kenny Vadas, Brian Reilly, Gordon Masten, Philip Williams, Chris Benson, Laura Catalano, Peter Kosaka, Ivanka Kotalto, Todd Davis, Marc Pichette, John Pasquin, Tony Krolo, Alec Bachlow, Jimmy Labriola, Steve Kosaka, Lawrence Nakamura, Hun Sun Tran, Steve Tsukamoto, Frank Welker, Kerrigan Mahan, Bob Dermer, Nina Keogh
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