“The Limey” quotes

Movie The Limey
Steven Soderbergh directed this movie in 1999
Title The Limey
Year 1999
Director Steven Soderbergh
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Wilson is called "The English" or, according to an American derogatory slang term, "The Limey". He's a jailbird who rushes from London to Los Angeles to figure out what has happened to his beautiful daughter, who died under mysterious circumstances. Wilson turns the city upside down until he bumps into a criminal, who was his daughter's lover. As Wilson cleans up the entire city, the police thanks him.
All actors – Terence Stamp, Lesley Ann Warren, Luis Guzmán, Barry Newman, Joe Dallesandro, Nicky Katt, Peter Fonda, Amelia Heinle, Melissa George, William Lucking, Matthew Kimbrough, John Robotham, Steve Heinze, Nancy Lenehan, Wayne Pére, John Cothran, Ousaun Elam, Dwayne McGee, Brian Bennet, Allan Graf, Carl Ciarfalio, George Marshall Ruge, Lincoln Simonds, Rainbow Borden, Michaela Gallo, Jose Perez, Alex Perez, Brandon Keener, Jim Jenkins, Mark Gerschwin, Johnny Sanchez, Brooke Marie Bridges, Randy Lowell, Eva Rodriguez, James Earl Olmedo, Jamie Lin Olmedo, Clement Blake, Tom Pardoe, Ann-Margret, George Clooney, Bill Duke, Deirdre O'Brien, David Ward, Carol White
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  • “You gotta make a choice: when to do something, and when to let it go. When it matters, and when it doesn't. Bide your time. That's what prison teaches you, if nothing else. Bide your time, and everything becomes clear, and you can act accordingly.”
    Terence Stamp - Wilson
  • “What's the smartest thing that ever came out of a woman's mouth? Einstein's cock.”
    Nicky Katt - Stacy the Hitman
  • - Wilson: Can't be too careful nowadays, y'know? Lot of "tea leaves" about, know what I mean?
    - Warehouse Foreman: Excuse me?
    - Wilson: Tea leaves... thieves.

    Terence Stamp - Wilson
    William Lucking - Warehouse Foreman
  • “Did you ever dream about a place you never really recall being to before? A place that maybe only exists in your imagination? Some place far away, half remembered when you wake up. When you were there, though, you knew the language. You knew your way around. That was the sixties.”
    Peter Fonda - Terry Valentine
  • “- Jim Avery: What keeps you so lucky?
    - Terry Valentine: I learned to skate as a young boy.”

    Barry Newman - Jim Avery
    Peter Fonda - Terry Valentine
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  • Why don't they make shows about people's daily lives you'd be interested in watching? You know, like "Sick Old Man" or "Skinny Little Weakling". "Big Fat Guy". Wouldn't you watch a show called "Big Fat Guy"? I'd watch that fucking show.
    Nicky Katt - Stacy the Hitman