“Out of Sight” quotes

Movie Out of Sight
Steven Soderbergh directed this movie in 1998
Title Out of Sight
Year 1998
Director Steven Soderbergh
Genre Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – The forty-years-old Jack, detained in a prison in Florida, has robbed banks for twenty years without ever using weapons during his career, but eventually he has been caught. He has to spend thirty years in prison, but he doesn’t want to. While he is escaping, he runs into Karen, a cop with a passion for daredevils, so he takes her hostage.
All actors – George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Robinson, Mike Malone, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Donna Frenzel, Catherine Keener, Manny Suárez, Dennis Farina, Keith Hudson, Steve Zahn, Albert Brooks, Luis Guzmán, Paul Soileau, Isaiah Washington, Scott Allen, Susan Hatfield, Brad Martin, James Black, Wendell B. Harris Jr., Chuck Castleberry, Chic Daniel, Connie Sawyer, Philip Perlman, Keith Loneker, Paul Calderon, Gregory Alpert, Viola Davis, Mark Brown, Sandra Ives, Joe Hess, Betsy Monroe, Wayne Pére, Joe Chrest, Joe Coyle, Nancy Allen, Stephen M. Horn, Oscar A. Diaz, Jennifer Dorogi, Mike Gerzevitz, Thelma Gutiérrez, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Pati Lauren, Rick Michaels, Sherrie Peterson, Al Quinn, Ronnie Stutes, Dee Tew
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  • “It's like seeing someone for the first time, like you can be passing on the street, and you look at each other for a few seconds, and there's this kind of a recognition like you both know something. Next moment the person's gone, and it's too late to do anything about it. And you always remember it because it was there, and you let it go, and...” (continue)(continue reading)
    George Clooney - Jack Foley
  • “- Jack Foley: You were in Leavenworth?
    - Hejira Henry: For a time.
    - Jack Foley: What's that mean?
    - Hejira Henry: Means, when the time came, I left.
    - Jack Foley: You broke out?
    - Hejira Henry: I prefer to think of it as an exodus from an undesirable place.”

    George Clooney - Jack Foley
    Samuel L. Jackson - Hejira Henry
  • “- Buddy Bragg: Here ma'am. Let me help you with these. Beautiful young lady like you shouldn't be carrying groceries. Let a man do that for you.
    - Parking Lot Woman: Now, I didn't ask you for help, so don't expect a tip.
    - Buddy Bragg: Oh, that's okay ma'am. I'll just take your car.”

    Ving Rhames - Buddy Bragg
    Susan Hatfield - Parking Lot Woman
  • “- Buddy Bragg: You think there's a Hell?
    - Jack Foley: Yeah, it's called the Glades Correctional Institute. I'm sure as shit not going back there, or anyplace like it.
    - Buddy Bragg: Oh, they put a gun on you, you'll go.
    - Jack Foley: They put a gun on you, you still have a choice.”

    Ving Rhames - Buddy Bragg
    George Clooney - Jack Foley
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  • “You'd be surprised about what you can get, if you ask for it the right way.”
    George Clooney - Jack Foley
  • “The man don't just have to die, Foley. I mean, he could accidentally hurt himself falling down on something real hard, you know? Like a shiv, or my dick?”
    Don Cheadle - Maurice Miller
    [Tag:accident, killing]
  • I know a guy who walks into a bank with a little glass bottle. He tells everyone it's nitroglycerine. He scores some money off the teller, walks out. On his way out, the bottle breaks, he slips on it and knocks himself out. The "nitro" was Canola oil. I know more fucked-up bank robbers than ones who know what they're doing. I doubt if one in... (continue)(continue reading)
    George Clooney - Jack Foley