“Joshua Tree” quotes

Movie Joshua Tree
Title Joshua Tree
Year 1993
Director Vic Armstrong
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Action
Plot – Wellman Santee was a racing driver, but now he's a truck driver and he carries stolen sporty cars. He ends up in prison for a murder he hasn't committed, because lieutenant Severance and his colleague Rudisill are the real culprits. Santee escapes and swears to take revenge. He seizes Rita Marek, who actually is a policewoman, and runs away. Santee makes a mad race through the desert and gradually Rita understands Wellman has been cheated, unmasking the two corrupted policemen.
All actors – Dolph Lundgren, George Segal, Kristian Alfonso, Geoffrey Lewis, Beau Starr, Michelle Phillips, Matt Battaglia, Bert Remsen, Michael Paul Chan, Khandi Alexander, Marcus Brown, Nick Chinlund
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