“The Fugitive” quotes

Movie The Fugitive
Andrew Davis directed this movie in 1993
Title The Fugitive
Year 1993
Director Andrew Davis
Genre Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Action
Plot – Richard Kimble, a famous Chicago surgeon, is happpily married to the beautiful Helen. After an emergency surgery at the hospital, Kimble returns home to find a man with an artificial arm who attacks him and flees. His wife has a broken skull and dies in his arms. Since there are no signs of housebreaking nor of the attacker and since Richard is the only heir to Helen’s wealth, the doctor is found guilty of murder and sentenced to death despite the existence of a recording of the dying woman's phone call to the police, which mentions an attacker. While Kimble is being transported to the penitentiary, some convicts provoke an accident in a get away attempt, but the van ends up on the tracks and is hit by a train. Surviving the horrible accident, Kimble flees to look for his wife's real killer. FBI agent Sam Gerard is in charge of the investigation and starts to hunt Kimble down. Gerard and his agents will do anything to bring the fugitive to justice.
All actors – Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Sela Ward, Julianne Moore, Joe Pantoliano, Andreas Katsulas, Jeroen Krabbé, Daniel Roebuck, L. Scott Caldwell, Tom Wood, Ron Dean, Joseph F. Kosala, Miguel Nino, John Drummond, Tony Fosco, Joseph F. Fisher, James Liautaud, David Darlow, Tom Galouzis, James F. McKinsey, Mark D. Espinoza, John E. Ellis, Gene Barge, Thomas Charles Simmons, Joe Guzaldo, Dick Cusack, Nicholas Kusenko, Joan Kohn, Joe D. Lauck, Joe Guastaferro, Andy Romano, Richard Riehle, Thom Vernon, Ken Moreno, Eddie Bo Smith Jr., Frank Ray Perilli, Otis Wilson, Pancho Demmings, Jim Wilkey, Danny Goldring, Nick Searcy, Kevin Crowley, Michael James, Michael Skewes, Ila Cathleen Stallings, Linda Casaletto, Cody Glenn, Cynthia Baker, Johnny Lee Davenport, Mike Bacarella, Bill Cusack, David U. Hodges, Lillie Richardson, Peter J. Caria IV, Tighe Barry, Monika Chabrowski, Lonnie Sima, Oksana Fedunyszyn, Orlando García, Afram Bill Williams, Bruce L. Gewertz, Jane Lynch, Joseph Rotkvich, Steven Lilovich, Noelle Bou-Sliman, Roxanne Roberts, Alex P. Hernandez, Theron Touché Lykes, Joel Robinson, Greg Hollimon, Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Marie Ware, Bernard McGee, Ann Whitney, Lily Monkus, Willie Lucas, Turk Muller, Ana María Alvarez, Eugene F. Crededio, Maurice Person, Terry Hard, Pam Zekman, David Pasquesi, Brent Shaphren, Stephen A. Landsman, B.J. Jones, Dru Anne Carlson, Margaret Moore, Manny Lopez, John M. Watson Sr., Kirsten Nelson, Juan Ramírez, Neil Flynn, Allen Hamilton, Eric Fudala, Lester Holt, Jay Levine, Don Albert, Suzy Brack, Roland Burris, Ed Cray, Reese Foster, Wendy George, Robert Dean Jacobs, Gene Kelly, Kevin Mukherji, Richard Remppel, Todd Rice, Sal Richards, Keith Schrader, John-Clay Scott, John Thurner
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