“Rising Sun” quotes

Movie Rising Sun
Title Rising Sun
Year 1993
Director Philip Kaufman
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Action
Plot – Lieutenant Webb Smith is a liaison officer of the LA Police Department. He's called to investigate the murder of a young woman, whose body was found in the headquarters' boardroom of a Japanese corporation in Los Angeles. A mysterious phone call puts Smith in touch with Captain John Connor, a peculiar and an enigmatic man thought to be subjected by the Japanese influence. He becomes the guide (sempai) of the young detective (kohai) and directs him to futuristic and technological secrets, ancient customs and ancient loyalty. As soon as they unveil the mystery, it surrounds them, until it wraps them completely.
All actors – Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, Harvey Keitel, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Kevin Anderson, Mako, Ray Wise, Stan Egi, Stan Shaw, Tia Carrere, Steve Buscemi, Tatjana Patitz, Peter Crombie, Sam Lloyd, Alexandra Powers, Daniel von Bargen, Lauren Robinson, Amy Hill, Tom Dahlgren, Clyde Kusatsu, Michael Chapman, Joey Miyashima, Nelson Mashita, Tamara Tunie, Tony Ganios, James Oliver Bullock, Michael Kinsley, Eleanor Clift, Clarence Page, Pat Choate, Steve Clemons, Dan Butler, Toshishiro Obata, Tylyn John, Shelley Michelle, Michele Ruiz, Patricia Ayame Thomson, Jeff Imada, J. Max Kirishima, Larry O. Williams Jr., Scot Anthony Robinson, Keith Leon Williams, Carl A. McGee, Quincy Adams Jr., Cecil Brown, Meagen Fay, Max Grodénchik, Gunnar Peterson, Jessica Tuck, Masa Watanabe, Minnie Summers Lindsey, Paul Fujimoto, Kenji, Michael Leopard, Tak Kubota, Fumio Demura, Tadashi Yamashita, Dennis Ota, Raymond Kitamura, Rita Weibel, Susan Iida, Seiichi Tanaka, John Koyama, Leo Lee
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