“Lust in the Dust” quotes

Movie Lust in the Dust
Title Lust in the Dust
Year 1985
Director Paul Bartel
Genre Comedy, Western
All actors – Tab Hunter, Divine, Lainie Kazan, Geoffrey Lewis, Henry Silva, Cesar Romero, Gina Gallego, Nedra Volz, Courtney Gains, Woody Strode, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Daniel Frishman
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  • “Ever since I came here, you've done nothing but treat me like shit. Who the hell do you think you are? Yeah, I was a dance hall girl, but what makes you so high and mighty? You own a whorehouse! A whorehouse!... and with only three whores in it. One of them is just a senile old cow.”
    Divine - Rosie Velez
  • “- Father Garcia: How long has it been since your last confession, my son?
    - Abel Wood: 'Bout twenty years. I just have to get a few things off my chest... Lets see, first there was, uh, this girl in El Paso... her mother... and her grand-mother.”

    Cesar Romero - Father Garcia
    Tab Hunter - Abel Wood
    [Tag:confession, sex]
  • “Freeze, hombre. Or I'll be wearing your asshole for a garter.”

    Lainie Kazan - Marguerita Ventura
  • “- Ninfa, Whore at Marguerita's: I am the best French kisser in Chile Verde.
    - Abel Wood: If I come across a Frenchman, I'll be sure to let him know.”

    Gina Gallego - Ninfa, Whore at Marguerita's
    Tab Hunter - Abel Wood
    [Tag:ability, kiss]
  • “- Hardcase Williams: Hey! Be careful with those scissors.
    - Marguerita Ventura: Okay big boy, one move out of you, one lie, and I'll be wearing your jinglebobs for earrings. Nod if you follow my drift.”

    Geoffrey Lewis - Hard Case Williams
    Lainie Kazan - Marguerita Ventura
    [Tag:genitalia, threat]
  • - Rosie Velez: Marguerita?
    - Marguerita Ventura: The customers call me "Marguerita". The territory calls me "Marguerita". My real close friends call me "Miss Ventura".

    Divine - Rosie Velez
    Lainie Kazan - Marguerita Ventura