“Mid90s” quotes

Movie Mid90s
Jonah Hill directed this movie in 2018
Title Mid90s
Year 2018
Director Jonah Hill
Genre Drama, Comedy
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All actors – Sunny Suljic, Katherine Waterston, Lucas Hedges, Na-kel Smith, Olan Prenatt, Gio Galicia, Ryder McLaughlin, Alexa Demie, Fig Camila Abner, Liana Perlich, Ama Elsesser, Judah Estrella Borunda, Mecca Allen, Aramis Hudson, Sonny Greenback, Del the Funky Homosapien, Chad Muska, Donovon Piscopo, Kevin White, Aaron Meza, Rick Howard, Chico Brenes, Donny Barley, Harmony Korine, Jahmin Assa, Lauren B. Mosley, Jerrod Carmichael, Nicholas Edmunds, Kasey Elise, Cici Lau, Jax Malcolm, Margaret Newborn, Stephane Nicoli, Zachary Read, Craig Reed, Di Vinci SanTana
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  • “That's why we ride a piece of wood, like, what that does to somebody's spirit.”

    Olan Prenatt - Fuckshit
  • “A lot of the time we feel that our lives the worst, but I think that if you looked in anybody else's closet, you wouldn't trade your shit for their shit. So let's go.”
    Na-kel Smith - Ray
    [Tag:acceptance, life]
  • “You're so cute. You're, like, at that age before guys become dicks.”

    Alexa Demie - Estee
    [Tag:children, growth]
  • “- Stevie: You're a pathetic lonelyfaggot.
    - Ian: What the fuck did you just say to me?
    - Stevie: You have no fucking friends. You get no fucking pussy! I'm not fucking taking your shit!”

    Sunny Suljic - Stevie
    Lucas Hedges - Ian
    [Tag:solitude, teens]
  • “- Teresa: Why are you always filming stuff on that camera?
    - Fourth Grade: Cause one day I wanna make movies. I have this one idea. It's about this baby. Like a... like a... like a super baby. It's called Strong Baby.
    - Teresa: Nice, cool.
    - Fourth Grade: He has, like, a little cape.”

    Liana Perlich - Teresa
    Ryder McLaughlin - Fourth Grade
    [Tag:filmmaking, movie]