“North Shore” quotes

Movie North Shore
Title North Shore
Year 1987
Director William Phelps
Genre Drama, Romance, Sport, Action
Plot – A guy believes to be the best surfer in Arizona, despite it is a landlocked state. He decides to go to Hawaii to participate to the ‘The Oahu’s waves’ competition. At the beginning, the other competitors make fun him, but then they change their minds.
All actors – Matt Adler, Gregory Harrison, Nia Peeples, John Philbin, Gerry Lopez, Laird John Hamilton, Robbie Page, Mark Occhilupo, John Paragon, Rocky Kauanoe, Lokelani Lau, Cristina Raines
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  • “- Rick: So this is where you work Turtle?
    - Turtle: Only when da surf's bad, Barney. Cause' when da surf's good, nobody works!”

    Matt Adler - Rick
    John Philbin - Turtle
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  • “- Rick: Hey when are you going to stop calling me Barny?
    - Turtle: When you're not a Barny anymore, Barny.”

    Matt Adler - Rick
    John Philbin - Turtle
  • “- Turtle: Stay loose, Haole.
    - Rick: What's a Haole?
    - Turtle: A tourist, a mainlander, like you.
    - Rick: I'm not a tourist.
    - Turtle: Whatever, Barney.
    - Rick: What's a Barney?
    - Turtle: It's like Barno... Barnyard... a haole to the max, a kook in and out of the water. Yeah?”

    John Philbin - Turtle
    Matt Adler - Rick