“Days of Thunder” quotes

Movie Days of Thunder
Tony Scott directed this movie in 1990
Title Days of Thunder
Year 1990
Director Tony Scott
Genre Drama, Romance, Sport, Action
Plot – Harry Hogge is a talented but unemployed racing cars designer. Tim Daland, the major car dealer, persuades him to build a car that fits the reckless drive of Cole Trickle, a prototypes tester. After the first tests are successful, Cole challenges his opponent Rowdy Burnes, but during a race both Cole and Rowdy have an accident. After a year, Rowdy retires from racings while Cole finds the courage to run again in competitions dedicating a race to his former opponent.
All actors – Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall, Randy Quaid, Cary Elwes, Michael Rooker, Fred Dalton Thompson, John C. Reilly, J.C. Quinn, Don Simpson, Caroline Williams, Donna W. Scott, Chris Ellis, Peter Appel, Stephen Michael Ayers, Mike Slattery, John Griesemer, Barbara Garrick, Gerald R. Molen, Tania Coleridge, Alexandra Balahoutis, Steve Boyd, Daniel D. Greenwood, Jim Grimshaw, James Martin Jr., Margo Martindale, Michael Burgess, Jim Crowther, James D. Henson, Cyndi Vicino, Shari Ellis, Leilani Sarelle, Xavier Coronel, Nick Searcy, Jerry Punch, Neil Bonnett, Harry P. Gant, Rusty Wallace, Tom Ferda, Bob Jenkins, Richard Petty, Toni Pilgreen, Anthony Singleton, Michael Wayne Thomas
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