“Perfect” quotes

Movie Perfect
Title Perfect
Year 1985
Director James Bridges
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Adam works for the 'Rolling Stone' magazine and now he's on an explosive interview he has made to Joe Mckenzie, a dubious businessman, but his director sends him to California to write something about aerobics. He studies the bodybuilding environment and discovers it's an unclean world. He contacts a gym instructor to arrange an interview promising her he won't show anyone his recordings, but then the magazine decides to publish the interview manipulating Adam's words. The gym instructor feels betrayed, but Adam convinces her he's been the victim of a plot.
All actors – Ramey Ellis, Alma Beltran, Perla Walter, Gina Morelli, John Travolta, John Napierala, Stefan Gierasch, Jann Wenner, Anne De Salvo, Philippe Delgrange, Tom Schiller, Paul Kent
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