“My Girl 2” quotes

Movie My Girl 2
Howard Zieff directed this movie in 1994
Title My Girl 2
Year 1994
Director Howard Zieff
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Family
Plot – In Madison, Pennsylvania, Vada Sultenfuss is 13 and lives with her father Harry and her stepmother Shelly, who's expecting a child. The crisis for the baby's arrival, that would require her to leave her room, and the first teen disorders add to Vada's constant regret of never having met her mother Maggie. She was an actress and died after the childbirth, so Shelly suggests Vada to travel to Los Angeles to look for information about her mother. Vada will be hosted at her uncle's, who's living in LA with Rose Zsigmond, owner of a car repair, and her teenage son Nick. The boy helps Vada in her searches for the old friends of her mother for a school project. After a film director, a Jew photographer and a drunken poet, Vada meets an eccentric girl, owner of a boutique, who implies that her real father could be a certain Jeffrey Pommeroy, now married and father of a child. The two guys find him and Jeffrey explains Vada that he met Maggie during his artistic career in New York. Resigned but also galvanized by a Nick's kiss, Vada comes back to her family and to her newborn brother.
All actors – Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Anna Chlumsky, Austin O'Brien, Richard Masur, Christine Ebersole, JD Souther, Angeline Ball, Aubrey Morris, Gerrit Graham, Anthony R. Jones, Ben Stein, Keone Young, Richard Beymer, Jodie Markell, David Purdham, Kevin Sifuentes, Lauren Ashley, Roland Thomson, Devon Gummersall, Dan Hildebrand, Charles Fleischer, George Wallace, Lisa Bradley, Brendan Cowles, Alex Donnelley, Misa Koprova, Mark Jupiter, Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Alex Nevil, Cindy Benson, Bart Sumner, James R. Parkes, Rachel Wagner, Ryan Olson, Beau Richardson, Renee Wedel, Megan Butler, Tamara Olson, Wendy Schaal
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