“Skyscraper” quotes

Movie Skyscraper
Title Skyscraper
Year 1996
Director Raymond Martino
Genre Thriller, Action
All actors – Anna Nicole Smith, Richard Steinmetz, Branimir Cikatiæ, Calvin Levels, Jonathan Fuller, Lee de Broux, Deirdre Imershein, Charles M. Huber, Deron McBee, Vincent DePalma, Alan Brooks, Gary Imhoff
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  • - Jimmy Dial: So, Farmer Brown says, "After I finished humping my goat, the goat turned around and licked my balls". At which point, the judge turned to Farmer Brown and said, "Hey, a good goat will do that". A good... Aw, come on. Gordy. I had everybody rolling with that this morning.
    - Gordon Wisk: Yeah, you're sad, man. You're really sad.

    Clay Banks - Jimmy Dial
    Richard Steinmetz - Gordon Wink
    [Tag:animals, sex]
  • Excuse me for still believing in Sunday walks in the park and little babies!”
    Anna Nicole Smith - Carrie Wisk
    [Tag:belief, naivety]
  • “- Leroy: Where are you from, man? East side?
    - Fairfax: Not really.
    - Leroy: Where from, then?
    - Fairfax: From Hell.”

    Michael Chinyamurindi - Leroy
    Charles M. Huber - Fairfax