“Swimfan” quotes

Movie Swimfan
Title Swimfan
Year 2002
Director John Polson
Genre Drama, Thriller
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Plot – Ben Cronin is living his moment. He has a promising athletic career, a beautiful girlfriend and the admiration of many fans. He trains hard every day in the pool to prepare for any important competition. He works at the local hospital too and finds time to spend with his girlfriend Amy too. However his life, his promising future and his relationship are going to be overwhelmed by Madison Bell's arrival, a seductive girl who wants to conquer Ben at all costs.
All actors – Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen, Shiri Appleby, Kate Burton, Clayne Crawford, Jason Ritter, Kia Goodwin, Dan Hedaya, Michael Higgins, Nick Sandow, Pamela Isaacs, James DeBello
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  • “Christopher? Do you have guests? No, of course not. That'd mean you have friends.”
    Erika Christensen - Madison Bell
  • “- Madison Bell: It's nice to finally meet your mother.
    - Ben Cronin: What do you mean finally? You just met me.”

    Erika Christensen - Madison Bell
    Jesse Bradford - Ben Cronin
  • “- Ben Cronin: Scouts are coming next week.
    - Mr. Tillman: Girl scouts?
    - Ben Cronin: No, swimming scouts from Stanford.”

    Jesse Bradford - Ben Cronin
    Michael Higgins - Mr. Tillman
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  • “- Madison Bell: So, what you're saying is that making love to me was a mistake?
    - Ben Cronin: Yes.”

    Erika Christensen - Madison Bell
    Jesse Bradford - Ben Cronin
  • “Ben... Tell me you love me. You don't have to mean it, but just say it.”
    Erika Christensen - Madison Bell
    [Tag:lies, love]