“The Gate” quotes

Movie The Gate
Title The Gate
Year 1987
Director Tibor Takács
Genre Horror, Fantasy
Plot – Glen is a quiet boy, too often left alone by his parents and his teenager sister Al. He befriends nerdy wacky Terry, who has lost his mother and is addicted to rock music and reading books about occult sciences. The two friends begin to fantasize about a mysterious smoky hole that was left in the garden of Glen's house following the uprooting of a tree struck by lightning. The boys imagine incredible spells that take place under it; they discover that many years before a worker was buried there by his companions who were building the house. Terry, with his black magic books and his rock records, finds the connection between various events: the mysterious death of the dog Angus, the hole in the garden, the worker's death, the levitation of Glen during a party Al was giving and strange amethyst beads found by the hole. Thanks to these signs, he understands that demons want to take possession of the house and its inhabitants. Thus begins a furious struggle between the three terrified kids and the mysterious evil creature. Glen sees his parents, approaches them but to his great horror he realizes that they are zombies ready to kill him; monstrous hands try to seize Al; the phone liquefies and is out of order; Terry falls into the hole but is saved with difficulty by Glen and Al; the electrical system of the house goes haywire; the stairs collapse; the windows and the walls of the house are smeared with blood and covered with murky writings. The dead worker's decomposed body reappears and tries to attack the boys: it manages to kidnap Terry, who becomes a dangerous zombie, and Al disappears with the horrible being under Glen's astonished eyes. Glen then tries to exorcise with the Bible the monsters that proliferate throughout the house. Eventually, with a powerful toy rocket, Glen hits the King of the demons, one scary snake-man with many arms, restores calm and makes his sister Al, his friend Terry and the dog Angus return safely. The bad adventure is over and everything is back in place: they only have to find a logical explanation to give their parents on why the house is half destroyed.
All actors – Stephen Dorff, Christa Denton, Louis Tripp, Kelly Rowan, Jennifer Irwin, Deborah Grover, Scot Denton, Ingrid Veninger, Sean Fagan, Linda Goranson, Carl Kraines, Andrew Gunn
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