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  • “When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness.”
    Nicole Kidman
    [Tag:control, future, happiness, uncertainty]
  • “- Stella: You're the kind of guy that ignores the rules because it makes you feel in control. Am I right?
    - Will: You're not wrong.”

    Haley Lu Richardson - Stella
    Cole Sprouse - Will
    [Tag:control, indifference, rules]
  • “Formulas are a complete and utter waste of time.”
    Rami Malek - Freddie Mercury
    [Tag:control, planning]
  • “The truth sinks in that no matter what justification you're selling yourself, this is not about terrorism. Terrorism is the excuse. This is about economic and social control. And the only thing you're really protecting is the supremacy of your government.”
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Edward Snowden
    [Tag:control, government, power]
  • “A man should control his life. Mine is controlling me.”
    Rodolfo Valentino
    [Tag:authority, control, life]
  • “Just make sure you don’t bury it all inside and explode later. Probably at me.”
    Peter Macdissi - Wally
    [Tag:anger, control]
  • “Manipulation. Domination. Control. These are the three watchwords of violent serial offenders.”
    John E. Douglas
    [Tag:control, manipulation]
  • “Because someday, something will go wrong. It could cost you your life or something worse. And on that day what you can’t be thinking is that you are to be blamed for something you couldn’t control. That’s life. Enjoy it, until the party is over.”
    Pedro Alonso - Berlín
    [Tag:control, life]
  • “There are moments in life we should just be able to have a damn remote control, so you could pause it. Even if just for five minutes. But sometimes things happen with irreverent obscenity and there’s nothing you can do to help it.”
    Úrsula Corberó - Tokio
    [Tag:control, life]
  • “It’s an entire world of just 64 squares. I feel safe in it. I can control it, I can dominate it. And it’s predictable. So, if I get hurt, I only have myself to blame.”

    Anya Taylor-Joy - Beth Harmon
    [Tag:chess, control, game]
  • “Did you know that there's fluoride in the water that the government uses to control our minds?”
    Shahadi Wright Joseph - Zora Wilson
    [Tag:control, government]
  • “I don't know what's happening to me. When I lose control, things happen, bad things to people I love.”
    Sophie Turner - Jean Grey
    [Tag:behavior, control]
  • “- Deke Slayton: Jan, you have to trust us. We've got this under control.
    - Janet Armstrong: No, you don't. All these protocols and procedures to make it seem like you have it under control. But you're a bunch of boys making models out of balsa wood! You don't have anything under control!”

    Kyle Chandler - Deke Slayton
    Claire Foy - Janet Armstrong
    [Tag:control, scientists]
  • “Einstein was right. We didn't evolve out of random chance. There is a higher power controlling all of this. My ancestors believed in a God of the earth, a God who seeks revenge for the wrongs done to the earth. This is what's happened.”

    Ned Romero - Frank Redbear
    [Tag:control, evolution, god]
  • “Whoever controls the high ground of space controls the world. The Roman Empire controlled the world because it could build roads. Later, the British Empire was dominant because they had ships. In the Air Stage, we were powerful because we had the airplane. And now the Communists have established a foothold in outer space. Pretty soon they'll...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Donald Moffat - Lyndon B. Johnson
    [Tag:control, power, space]
  • “- Glen: Well... ever since I burnt a hole in the roof my dad says I can't launch any of my rockets without supervision.
    - Terrence 'Terry' Chandler: Hey... I'll supervise.”

    Stephen Dorff - Glen
    Louis Tripp - Terrence 'Terry' Chandler
    [Tag:control, parents]
  • Secrecy is security and security is victory.”
    Rhys Ifans - Corbin O'Brian
    [Tag:control, secrets, victory]
  • “- Atreyu: What is the Nothing?
    - G'mork: It's the emptiness that's left. It's like a despair, destroying this world. And I have been trying to help it.
    - Atreyu: But why?
    - G'mork: Because people who have no hopes are easy to control; and whoever has the control... has the power!”

    Noah Hathaway - Atreyu
    Alan Oppenheimer - G'mork
    [Tag:control, despair, nothingness]
  • “- Ynyr: I cannot stop the sand.
    - Lyssa Widow of the Web: You cannot stop time. Go now. Save the other Lyssa.”

    Freddie Jones - Ynyr
    Francesca Annis - Widow of the Web
    [Tag:control, rescue, time]
  • “Sex was a game to her. She got off on the control. She always used to tell me it had to be her way.”

    Frank Langella - Jeffrey Roston
    [Tag:control, sex]
  • “- Lizzie Potts: Oh great, look at this. Hungry Man, cup o' soup, cup o' stew, cop o' noodles...
    - Gus Kubicek: Do you mind not indexing my garbage?
    - Lizzie Potts: What's this?
    - Gus Kubicek: Oh please, by all means, review my mail.
    - Lizzie Potts: Get well cards?
    - Gus Kubicek: When you're through, my diary is upstairs.”

    Shelley Lee Long - Lizzie Potts
    Steve Guttenberg - Gus Kubicek
    [Tag:control, curiosity, stalking]
  • “- Angel: You've been hanging around creeps.
    - Ms. Bright: Angel! That's not a very nice thing to say to your mom.
    - Angel: I'm gonna keep my eye on you.”

    Kristy McNichol - Angel
    Margaret Blye - Ms. Bright
    [Tag:control, mother]
  • “This situation must be controlled before it's too late. They're multiplying too rapidly!”

    David Crawford - Dr. Foster
    [Tag:control, zombie]
  • “- Col. Colin Caine: Tell me again how the girl over powered you.
    - Dr. Bukovsky: She... was the most overwhelmingly feminine presence I have ever encountered. I was drawn to her on a level...
    Col. Colin Caine: Was it sexual?
    - Dr. Bukovsky: Yes. Overwhelmingly so, and horrible. Loss of control.”

    Peter Firth - Col. Colin Caine
    Michael Gothard - Dr. Bukovsky
    [Tag:control, self-control, sex]
  • “- Daisy Werthan: Did you have the air-conditioning checked? I told you to have the air-conditioning checked.
    - Hoke Colburn: I had the air-conditioning checked. I don't know what for. You never allow me to turn it on.”

    Jessica Tandy - Daisy Werthan
    Morgan Freeman - Hoke Colburn
    [Tag:air, control]