“The Whoopee Boys” quotes

Movie The Whoopee Boys
Title The Whoopee Boys
Year 1986
Director John Byrum
Genre Comedy, Romance
All actors – Michael O'Keefe, Paul Rodriguez, Denholm Elliott, Carole Shelley, Andy Bumatai, Eddie Deezen, Marsha Warfield, Elizabeth Arlen, Karen A. Smythe, Joe Spinell, Robert Gwaltney, Lucinda Jenney
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  • He looks Iranian to me. You know my sister, Maria, she married an Iranian guy. And they are hairy son-of-a-bitches. You know they got hair on their chest, their backs, their butts. We're talking Winnie the Pooh. We're talking Chewbacca, you know the guy in Star Wars who goes "Ahhhh! Ahhhh!"?

    Paul Rodriguez - Barney Benar
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  • - Roy Raja: My name is Roy Rahmataj.
    - Barney: Hey, mind if we call you Roy Raja? Haha!
    - Roy Raja: You may call me "Lion of Kashmir".
    - Barney: And you may call me "The Boner of East L.A.".

    Andy Bumatai - Roy Raja
    Paul Rodriguez - Barney Benar