“Under Suspicion” quotes

Movie Under Suspicion
Title Under Suspicion
Year 2000
Director Stephen Hopkins
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Successful attorney Henry finds the corpse of Sue Ellen, a 13-year-old girl, but little Pauline is found dead as well. One night Henry is interrogated by the police because he's supposed to be involved in to the crimes. Henry proclaims he's innocent but his house is searched and the police find there photos of some young girls. Henry seems to be the guilty one, meanwhile an agent says the serial killer has been arrested. The case is full of doubts.
All actors – Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Monica Bellucci, Nydia Caro, Miguel Ángel Suárez, Pablo Cunqueiro, Isabel Algaze, Jacqueline Duprey, Luis Caballero, Patricia Beato, Sahyly Esponda, Hector Travieso, Marisol Calero, Vanessa Shenk, Gelian Cotto, Myron Herrick, Vanesa Millán, Zina Ponder Pistor, Willie Denton, Ramon Saldana, Conchita Vicens, Rene Cervoni, Frank Rose, Mike Gomez, Luisa Leschin, Vanessa Marquez, Norma Maldonado, Richard Miro, Odaylys Nanin, Al Rodrigo, Marcelo Tubert, Victor M. Candelario, Rafi Escudero, Juan Luis Garcia, Miguel Martínez, Eddie Santiago Ortiz, Eliezer Dávila Ruiz, Miguel Zayas
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