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  • “Playboy is a very special magazine, Dorothy. There's no other magazine like it. All the writers, editors, photographers, all the girls, et cetera, we all have a very special relationship. It's not like any other magazine. We're all like a... well, we're just like a family.”
    Keith Hefner - Photographer
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  • “- Addley: It's a beautiful day, you see? You see? You're all alone in the park, sittin' on a park bench, and you're readin' somethin' real good.
    - Ike: Yeah, like a muscle magazine.”

    Michael McCleery - Addley
    Frederick Coffin - Ike
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  • “Playboy's motto is: the girl next door. They look for girls that are wholesome and fresh and young and naive. They look for all of that. So, most of those girls do have that type of background.”
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
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  • “- Sue: Dave, it's good for us to experience new things. We have to reach out together, be more open to things.
    - Dave: God, you've been reading Cosmopolitan again.”

    Andrea Howard - Sue
    Mark Lonow - Dave
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