“Thank God It's Friday” quotes

Movie Thank God It's Friday
Title Thank God It's Friday
Year 1978
Director Robert Klane
Genre Comedy, Music
Plot – DJ Bobby Speed makes his debut on a Friday night at The Zoo, a trendy nightclub in Hollywood whose owner is Tony Di Marco. 'The Commodores' are going to perform there as well as the main event is the dance contest which will be broadcasted live. Jeannie, Franne, Sue and Dave participate. Maddy and Jennifer want to meet some boys, as well as Cari and Ken want to meet some girls. Jackie dates Shirley, a girl he has met online. 'The Commodores' are late but finally they sing and have great success. Tony tries to court Sue, while Franne participates to the contest with Gomez and wins.
All actors – Valerie Landsburg, Terri Nunn, Chick Vennera, Donna Summer, Ray Vitte, Mark Lonow, Andrea Howard, Jeff Goldblum, Robin Menken, Debra Winger, John Friedrich, Paul Jabara
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  • “Dancing. Everything else is bullshit!”
    Chick Vennera - Marv Gomez
    [Tag:dancing, worth]
  • “- Dave: I was never in a dance contest before. What do you got to do?
    - Jackie: Simple. You just get out on the floor and shake your ass - like it was on fire!”

    Mark Lonow - Dave
    Mews Small - Jackie
  • “- Dave: I don't like that dress.
    - Sue: You've liked it every other time I've worn it.
    - Dave: Your breasts! Every other time you wore it, your breasts weren't making their debut.
    - Sue: This is the way the designer intended the dress to be worn.”

    Andrea Howard - Sue
    Mark Lonow - Dave
    [Tag:apparel, breast]
  • “- Jennifer: I really want to thank you for taking me with you tonight. I mean, really.
    - Maddy: Forget it. I mean, I know when you come to a new place you just can't find people you can relate to.
    - Jennifer: Relate to? I would just like to meet one nice guy.
    - Maddy: I go to the discotheques to kind of forget, you know? They're a great place to...” (continue)
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    Debra Winger - Jennifer
    Robin Menken - Maddy
  • “- Maddy: I wanna split.
    - Jennifer: Good.
    - Maddy: You see, I meet these really hot guys and we're going to a really hot party, a boogie party, you know.”

    Robin Menken - Maddy
    Debra Winger - Jennifer
  • “You ain't gonna be happy until you're free. And the only way you're going to be free is to get loose. And the only way you're going to get loose is to dance!”
    Chick Vennera - Marv Gomez
  • “Let's go home. I'm drunk. You can take advantage of me.”

    Andrea Howard - Sue
    [Tag:drunkenness, sex]
  • “- Marv Gomez: Where you goin'?
    - Ken: Home.
    - Marv Gomez: The night's just beginning!
    - Ken: For you maybe, but...
    - Marv Gomez: Nothin' happening? That used to be my problem, before I started wearing leather.”

    Chick Vennera - Marv Gomez
    John Friedrich - Ken
    [Tag:apparel, flirting]
  • “- Carl: Come on, man. We are out for action tonight!
    - Ken: You don't understand. I don't want the action. I'm not looking for action. What I want is a nice girl.
    - Carl: Me too! One nice girl. Nice tits, nice ass, nice.”

    Paul Jabara - Carl
    John Friedrich - Ken
    [Tag:enjoyment, girl]
  • “Until next time, this is your Zookeeper, Bobby Speed, reminding you: keep them feet movin' - or somebody'll steal your shoes.”
    Ray Vitte - Bobby Speed
    [Tag:dancing, feet, theft]
  • “You know life really sucks. I mean this place is the pits. I think everyone in America's in here looking for cheap thrills. I can't stand it. I mean it is bad news. It's like a zoo in here. It's so tacky.”
    Judith Brown - Badmouth in Bar
  • “- Sue: I also noticed that hippy freak you've adopted! I want to know is one evening with her worth five years of marriage?
    - Dave: What are you talking about? Five years of what? What do you mean who?
    - Sue: Dave, I want to sit down.
    - Dave: Who's Dave? I'm Babbakazoo!”

    Andrea Howard - Sue
    Mark Lonow - Dave
  • “- Carl: Here. Put this on.
    - Ken: What is this?
    - Carl: Lip gloss. Makes you look hot.”

    Paul Jabara - Carl
    John Friedrich - Ken
  • “- Bobby Speed: Listen man. When I, Bobby Speed, promises his audience live music, he delivers.
    - Sam: You'd better, turkey, or you'll be back at the supermarket announcin' specials!”

    Ray Vitte - Bobby Speed
    Al Fann - Sam
    [Tag:music, promises]
  • “- Nicole Sims: Just listen to my demo. Don't you remember when you first started? Well everybody got to start somewhere. Why not here?
    - Bobby Speed: You honest, lady, don't you understand? This is going on live. There are millions of people listening to my golden tones. I ain't gonna blow it! This ain't amateur night!
    - Nicole Sims: Listen, Mr....” (continue)
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    Donna Summer - Nicole Sims
    Ray Vitte - Bobby Speed
  • “- Sue: Dave, it's good for us to experience new things. We have to reach out together, be more open to things.
    - Dave: God, you've been reading Cosmopolitan again.”

    Andrea Howard - Sue
    Mark Lonow - Dave
  • “- Gus: Shirley? Are you Shirley? I'm supposed to meet her here for a blind date. One of those computer deals.
    - Blonde in Blue Blouse: You've got to be kidding me.
    - Gus: No! You're dressed in blue. That's what she's supposed to be wearing.
    - Blonde in Blue Blouse: This is not blue! It's turquoise.
    - Gus: I don't give a shit. You wanna dance?”

    Chuck Sacci - Gus
    Jacqueline Carlin - Blonde in Blue Blouse
  • “- Ken: I can't do that shit.
    - Marv Gomez: Let me tell you somthin', little shits are doin' it, old ladies are doin' it, everybodies doin' it. Now, come on, dance!”

    John Friedrich - Ken
    Chick Vennera - Marv Gomez
    [Tag:ability, dancing]
  • “- Maddy: Alright, see that guy? He is a creep. How do I know?
    - Jennifer: How do you know?
    - Maddy: Heavy polyester. I mean, polyester on a dance floor? That is a creep, Jennifer.”

    Robin Menken - Maddy
    Debra Winger - Jennifer
    [Tag:apparel, dancing]
  • “- Dave: You always stand like that?
    - Jackie: Only when I feel my energy being drained. Standing on one leg doesn't allow the energy complete flow. You can lose it in the floor. Would you like to dance?”

    Mark Lonow - Dave
    Mews Small - Jackie
    [Tag:body, dancing, energy]
  • “The entire world has got to be going tonight, Jennifer. I mean, do you know what this means? The odds for meeting guys moves way up!”
    Robin Menken - Maddy
    [Tag:boy, meeting]
  • “Now, we're on a hot roll! Whatever you've been holdin' back, let it go! Whatever you've been savin' up, spend it! 'Cause we're hummin' and the big dance contest is comin'!”
    Ray Vitte - Bobby Speed
    [Tag:dancing, spending]
  • “- Dave: How can you be warm? You're not wearing anything? Did the designer also intend for every other guy in here to look at your tits?
    - Sue: Dave, they're my tits, not yours!
    - Dave: You're my wife! That makes them our tits. Hello. And our tits should be home where they belong, not out on the town. And I do mean out.”

    Mark Lonow - Dave
    Andrea Howard - Sue