“Mother's Day” quotes

Movie Mother's Day
Title Mother's Day
Year 1980
Director Charles Kaufman
Genre Comedy, Horror, Thriller
All actors – Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce, Frederick Coffin, Michael McCleery, Beatrice Pons, Robert Collins, Peter Fox, Luisa Marsella, Kevin Lowe, Scott Lucas, Ed Battle
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  • “- Ike: I'm not dumb!
    - Addley: You're dumb, you like punk!”

    Frederick Coffin - Ike
    Michael McCleery - Addley
    [Tag:music, stupidity]
  • “- Trina: You backwoods, perverted piece of shit!
    - Ike: Don't you ever say backwoods again! We're city-fied, look around.”

    Tiana Pierce - Trina
    Frederick Coffin - Ike
  • “Remember, once you go out those doors, don't stop to think about what you feel. Because once you stop to think about what you feel, you doubt what you know. And once you doubt what you know, you're gonna assume you don't know it. Why? Because you don't act on it. Once you know what you know, you act on it.”
    Robert Collins - Ernie
  • “- Addley: It's a beautiful day, you see? You see? You're all alone in the park, sittin' on a park bench, and you're readin' somethin' real good.
    - Ike: Yeah, like a muscle magazine.”

    Michael McCleery - Addley
    Frederick Coffin - Ike
    [Tag:magazine, reading]
  • “- Jackie: If you're free for the weekend, there's a lot going on. This is New York!
    - Doorman: Free for the weekend? I'll never be free as long as I'm a black man in America!”

    Deborah Luce - Jackie
    Ed Battle - Doorman
    [Tag:freedom, racism]
  • “There are three rules in the film business - Distribution, distribution, distribution.”
    Stanley Kaufman - Older man at Pool Party
    [Tag:cinema, rules]
  • “- Abbey: Outside the United States they don't have marshmallows.
    - Jackie: Then it's like the only really American food. Wow!”

    Nancy Hendrickson - Abbey
    Deborah Luce - Jackie
    [Tag:america, food]
  • “- Mother: Addley, you tell your brother Ike a hound dog that comes home with nothing in his mouth should keep it closed.
    - Addley: Ike, ma says a hound dog who comes home... mmm... empty handed, should keep... oh, keep your big fat mouth shut!”

    Beatrice Pons - Mother
    Michael McCleery - Addley
    [Tag:memory, son]