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  • “- Uncle Elroy: Craig, I want you to meet my old lady Suga. Suga, my nephew Craig.
    - Suga: You even cuter than your baby pictures!
    - Craig: Thank you.
    - Suga: You know, we can keep it all in the family... Hmm You got a fat ass!!
    - Uncle Elroy: Al right! Al right! Al right! That's enough! Shit!”

    Don 'D.C.' Curry - Uncle Elroy
    Kym Whitley - Suga
    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    [Tag:family, sensuality]
  • “- John Quincy Adams: I'm telling you, I'm preparing you, I suppose I'm explaining to you that the test ahead of us is an exceptionally difficult one.
    - Cinque: We won't be going there alone.
    - John Quincy Adams: Alone? Indeed not, no we have right at our side, we have righteousness at our side. We have Mr Baldwin over there.
    - Cinque: I meant my...” (continue)
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    Philip Anthony Hopkins - John Quincy Adams
    Djimon Hounsou - Cinque
    [Tag:ancestry, family]
  • “- Kim: Why can't you do it?
    - Jim: Because my father keeps the damn room locked. We need Edward to get us in.
    - Kim: Well can't you just take the key when he's sleeping or something?
    - Jim: You don't understand. The only thing that guy hangs onto tighter is his dick.”

    Winona Ryder - Kim
    Anthony Michael Hall - Jim
    [Tag:family, father, hatred]
  • “I don't think people who have children are acting selfishly or unselfishly.”
    Terry Jones
    [Tag:children, family]
  • “One finger won't make an impact, but you ball all those fingers into a fist, and you can strike a mighty blow. Now, this family has got to be that fist.”
    Irma P. Hall - Mother Joe
    [Tag:family, power, unity]
  • “Family is the only thing that matters. So I’m not letting you go on this suicide mission alone.”

    Will Smith - Mike
    [Tag:danger, family]
  • “For love to work, and for happiness to work, and if you wanna have a family some day, you have to actually pursue it. Don't leave it up to fate.”
    Matthew Gray Gubler - Paul
    [Tag:family, happiness, love, perseverance]
  • “- Walter White: I have made a series of very bad decisions and I cannot make another one.
    - Gus: Why did you make these decisions?
    - Walter White: For the good of my family.
    - Gus: Then they weren't bad decisions. What does a man do, Walter? A man provides for his family.
    - Walter White: This cost me my family.
    - Gus: When you have children...” (continue)
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    Bryan Cranston - Walter White
    Giancarlo Esposito - Gustavo 'Gus' Fring
    [Tag:decision, family, father]
  • “No matter how much she damaged me, no matter how flawed she is. I know my mother loves me.”
    Alison Lohman - Astrid Magnussen
    [Tag:family, forgiveness, mother]
  • “A man is supposed to take care of his family. You live in my house, feed your belly with my food, put your behind on my bed because you're my son. It's my duty to take care of you, I owe a responsibility to you, I ain't got to like you! Now, I gave everything I got to give you! I gave you your life! Me and your Mama worked out between us and...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Denzel Washington - Troy Maxson
    [Tag:education, family, son]
  • “- Uncle Elroy: Barbecue, tastes so good, make you wanna slap yo' mama! Don't it, Willie?
    - Mr. Jones: Yeah, boy! Hey, mama?
    - Grandma Jones: What the hell you want, Willie? [Willie slaps her] ”

    Don 'D.C.' Curry - Uncle Elroy
    John Witherspoon - Mr. Jones
    [Tag:family, food, violence]
  • “- Doyle: You can't just think about your family. You have to think bigger than that.
    - Cooper: I'm thinking about my family and millions of other families.”

    Wes Bentley - Doyle
    Matthew McConaughey - Cooper
    [Tag:family, selfishness]
  • “The main thing is, Tootie, that we're all going to be together, just like we've always been. That's what really counts. We could be happy anywhere as long as we're together.”

    Judy Garland - Esther Smith
    [Tag:family, happiness, moving]
  • “What family would want a daughter-in-law who can run around kicking football all day but can't make round chapatis?”
    Shaheen Khan - Mrs. Bhamra
    [Tag:family, football, women]
  • “In this life, family is the most precious gift we are given, the most sacred. Turn your back on them and that is when you truly have nothing.”
    Maria Konstadarou - Yia Yia
    [Tag:family, values]
  • “My father goes ballistic, my mother gets plastered, and my brother burns down a building. It's like they've all come together in some evil conspiracy to prevent me from getting anywhere.”
    Colin Hanks - Shaun Brumder
    [Tag:family, indignation]
  • “I find that it's the simple things that remind you of family around the holidays.”
    Amy Adams
    [Tag:family, holidays]
  • “Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”
    David Ogden Stiers
  • “I should think you'd be a little more grateful. We've raised you since you were a baby, given you the food off our table, even let you have Dudley's second bedroom, purely out of the goodness of our hearts.”

    Richard Griffiths - Uncle Vernon
    [Tag:children, family]
  • “- Ben: Dad?
    - Chet: Yes, Ben?
    - Ben: Does this mean we won't be getting Christmas presents this year from Aunt Kate and Uncle Roman?
    - Buck: Oh, blow it out of your ass, Ben!
    - Connie: Okay, nobody is blowing anything out of their ass. What we are having is a little problem, and it doesn't mean your father and I don't love your Aunt Kate and...” (continue)
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    Ian Giatti - Ben Ripley
    John Candy - Chet Ripley
    Stephanie Faracy - Connie Ripley
    [Tag:criticism, family, fighting]
  • “Life can be difficult sometimes, it gets bumpy. What with family and kids and things not going exactly like you planned. But that's what makes it interesting.”
    Joyce Van Patten - Gloria
    [Tag:changing, family, life]
  • “- Lily Bart: If obliquity were a vice, we should all be tainted.
    - Mrs. Julia Peniston: Only someone without a family could make such a vulgar remark.
    - Lily Bart: Aunt Julia, you are my family.”

    Gillian Anderson - Lily Bart
    Eleanor Bron - Mrs. Julia Peniston, Lily's Aunt
    [Tag:family, perversion]
  • “- Coach Paul 'Doc' Hines: You have twelve brothers and sisters?
    - Coach Herman Boone: Eight.
    - Coach Paul 'Doc' Hines: Yeah, twelve sounds better.”

    Gregory Alan Williams - Coach Paul 'Doc' Hines
    Denzel Washington - Coach Herman Boone
    [Tag:family, numbers]
  • “All your dad has ever done is fault to make this world a better place for us. Yes, he struggles. Yes, he has had dirt kicked in his face. All the more reason he needs our help. Now, you don't wanna help him that's okay... you gotta follow your instincts. But, I will not listen to you knock him down. He's a part of me. You cut him down, you're...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Mare Winningham - Lois Simmons
    [Tag:caring, family, love]
  • “Who the frig do you think you are? You come in here, telling me that my house isn't good enough for your daughters? Well, your daughters aren't good enough for my sons, or my house, and if I hear another word against my family, I will stick that fanny over your bastard head!”

    Linda Bassett - Ella Khan
    [Tag:family, pride, respect]