“Star 80” quotes

Movie Star 80
Title Star 80
Year 1983
Director Bob Fosse
Genre Drama, Biography
Plot – Paul Snider is a photographer specialized in risqué photos who meets Dorothy Stratten, a nice waitress. He thinks her beauty and innate simplicity will facilitate his success, so he introduces her to Hugh Hefner, the powerful lord of "Playboy". When Dorothy is recruited in the "big family", Paul realizes he's in love with her. They marry but the man is still thinking about the success he can achieve with her. While Dorothy becomes popular, Paul is marginalized. The woman is then introduced to Aram Nicholas, a known director who makes her act in his films. Paul is very jealous and wants to leave her. He possesses her violently, he kills her and disfigures her beautiful face, then he possesses her again. After that, Paul kills himself.
All actors – Mariel Hemingway, Eric Roberts, Cliff Robertson, Carroll Baker, Roger Rees, David Clennon, Josh Mostel, Lisa Gordon, Sidney Miller, Keith Hefner, Tina Willson, Shelly Ingram
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  • “- Snider: If you like Italian food, I know a real knock-out place. I'll take you tomorrow night.
    - Dorothy Stratten: I like pizza.
    - Snider: Well, this is Northern Italian. Three stars.”

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
    [Tag:food, italy]
  • When the editor of Playboy told I'd won the Playmate of the Year, the first thing out of my mouth was "Are you sure?".
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
  • “Playboy is a very special magazine, Dorothy. There's no other magazine like it. All the writers, editors, photographers, all the girls, et cetera, we all have a very special relationship. It's not like any other magazine. We're all like a... well, we're just like a family.”
    Keith Hefner - Photographer
  • “- Snider: What's your name?
    - Dorothy Stratten: Dorothy. Can I help you?
    - Snider: You're beautiful.
    - Dorothy Stratten: Me? May I take your order now?
    - Snider: May I have something sweet, soft and white? You?”

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
  • “- Dorothy's Mother: I don't see any nakedpictures of you here, Paul. I don't see any pictures of you with your privates hanging out for the whole world to look at!
    - Snider: Let's get the camera. I'm willing.
    - Dorothy's Mother: Oh, I bet you are.”

    Carroll Baker - Dorothy's Mother
    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
  • Dorothy had already done the centerfold, Miss August. She had already done parts in "Fantasy Island" and "Buck Rogers". Things were moving fast for her. I became very fond of her. She was handling her public visibility very well. She was maturing very fast for 19. But, to me, she was just a friend. Understand? Just a friend.
    David Clennon - Geb
  • “He really believed in this girl. Or, else, he just wanted to screw her. I'm still not sure which.”

    Keith Hefner - Photographer
    [Tag:purpose, sex]
  • - Snider: Is Jimmy Caan there?
    - Dorothy Stratten: Who?
    - Snider: Sonny Corleone in "The Godfather".
    - Dorothy Stratten: I didn't see it.
    - Snider: He's probably there. He and Hef are pals.

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
    [Tag:actors, movie]
  • “Playboy's motto is: the girl next door. They look for girls that are wholesome and fresh and young and naive. They look for all of that. So, most of those girls do have that type of background.”
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
  • “He had something to do with those big auto shows. He supplied hostesses, models, something. He had hots for cars. Cars and girls. Girls and cars.”

    Sidney Miller - Nightclub Owner
    [Tag:cars, models]
  • “- Robin: You don't suppose he'd do anything crazy, do you?
    - Geb: Like what?
    - Robin: I don't know. Like, hurt himself.
    - Geb: Not if it means mussin' his hair.”

    Kathryn Witt - Robin
    David Clennon - Geb
    [Tag:suicide, vanity]
  • “The Rolls is an investment, for me. It's an investment. I'm not into status symbols, like most people out here. It's an investment. Okay?”
    David Clennon - Geb
  • I'll go shopping in the store and I'll see people go "Hey, that's Dorothy Stratten". Or "Hey, can we have a picture of you? Can we have an autograph?". Or even in the airport, you know, people will, rushing up to me to get my autograph or something. That's really exciting for me!
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
    [Tag:fame, success]
  • “I was working in this Dairy Queen, part time, while I went to high school. And one day this gentleman walked in with this gorgeous blonde. She had a fur coat on. They both had fur coats on!”

    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
  • “I can take a bragging Snider. I can take a conniving Snider. I just can't stomach a sentimental Snider.”
    David Clennon - Geb
    [Tag:scorn, sentiment]
  • “- Snider: You don't like me, do you?
    - Dorothy's Mother: I love Dorothy.”

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    Carroll Baker - Dorothy's Mother
    [Tag:daughter, love, mother]
  • - Snider: I do love her.
    - Dorothy's Mother: What did you say?
    - Snider: I said I love her.
    - Dorothy's Mother: Funny - I could've sworn you said "I love it".

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    Carroll Baker - Dorothy's Mother
  • “- Interviewer: I'm not the film critic, but that wasn't much of a part.
    - Dorothy Stratten: Well, I wasn't much of an actress, either.
    - Interviewer: Oh? Are you better now?
    - Dorothy Stratten: Oh, God, I hope so. I'm studying.
    - Interviewer: The Classics?
    - Dorothy Stratten: No, acting. I don't know anything about music.”

    Robert Picardo - Interviewer
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten
  • “One thing about that little cocker, he could remember everybody's name. If he just met 'em. If he met 'em five years ago. He always remembered their name! I admire that. It's a real gift. Really.”

    Sidney Miller - Nightclub Owner
    [Tag:memory, name, talent]
  • “I think that the reason why you're so good in bed is because you just plain try harder. I mean, baby, you put in an eight hour day in fifteen minutes!”

    Sheila Anderson - Exotic Dancer
    [Tag:ability, sex]
  • “I know all the tricks. I know all the con games. I know all the bullshit and there's plenty of that, believe me. Together we could be somebody. People would know who we are. People would know our names. People would treat us that special way - the way they treat stars!”

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    [Tag:fame, success]
  • “You're gonna do me a big favor, huh? Ok, that's me - a charity case.”

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    [Tag:charity, helping]
  • - Snider: Do you know who reads Playboy?
    - Dorothy's Mother: No. Tell me.
    - Snider: Movieproducers, directors, agents, TV people. The people who produce "Charlie's Angels" read Playboy.

    Eric Roberts - Paul Snider
    Carroll Baker - Dorothy's Mother
    [Tag:stars, success]
  • “It took me five months to shoot my Playmate of the Yearlayout. I shot over 20,000 pictures. It's perfection! They don't go for just great nude shots. They go for art! Perfect art. And I'm proud of that.”
    Mariel Hemingway - Dorothy Stratten