Shipwreck quotes

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  • “The Titanic is sinking. We collided with an iceberg. The Titanic is ripped open from the bow till under the bridge.”

    Hans Nielsen - 1st Officer Petersen
    [Tag:danger, shipwreck]
  • “- Baxter: We don't get too many visitors here, except people whose ships have run aground.
    - Eric: Almost the entire population is descended from shipwreck victims.
    - Baxter: Don't underestimate your own contribution, Eric.”

    Sir Michael Caine - Baxter
    Fulton Mackay - Eric
    [Tag:ancestry, humanity, shipwreck]
  • “- John Kovac: Lady, you certainly don't look like somebody that's just been shipwrecked.
    - Connie Porter: Man, I certainly feel like it.”

    John Hodiak - John Kovac
    Tallulah Bankhead - Connie Porter
    [Tag:feeling, shipwreck]
  • “He'll buy that boat from that stupid boat catalog he's been making me look at for the last two months, and he will crash that boat off Catalina Island, and he will drown and die and seals will eat him.”
    Albert Brooks - David Howard
    [Tag:death, shipwreck]
  • “- 1st Officer Petersen: The lifeboats will hold almost a third of the passengers.
    - Sir Bruce Ismay: I order you to secure a lifeboat for me immediately.”

    Hans Nielsen - 1st Officer Petersen
    Ernst Fritz Fürbringer - Sir Bruce Ismay
    [Tag:commanding, safety, shipwreck]