“Babes in Toyland” quotes

Movie Babes in Toyland
Title Babes in Toyland
Year 1934
Directors Gus Meins, Charley Rogers
Genre Comedy, Musical, Family, Fantasy
Plot – Stannie and Ollie work in a toy factory in Bogeyland, but they are fired because they are too clumsy. Then they are imprisoned as they try to help their friend Bo Peep, who risks to be evicted from the usurer Barnaby. He will free them only if Bo Peep marries him, but she's already engaged. When Stannie and Ollie are released from jail, they foil the marriage and Barnaby decides to seek revenge conquering Bogeyland. The two friends side with an army of life-sized toy soldiers and defeat the usurer, while Bo Peep goes back to Tom Tom. In the end, Stannie and Ollie are considered national heroes.
All actors – Virginia Karns, Charlotte Henry, Felix Knight, Florence Roberts, Henry Brandon, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charles Hagar, Allen Waddell, Ernie Alexander, Richard Alexander, Frank Austin
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