“Bright Eyes” quotes

Movie Bright Eyes
Title Bright Eyes
Year 1934
Director David Butler
Genre Drama, Comedy, Musical, Family
Interpreted by
All actors – Shirley Temple, James Dunn, Jane Darwell, Judith Allen, Lois Wilson, Charles Sellon, Walter Johnson, Jane Withers, Theodore von Eltz, Dorothy Christy, Brandon Hurst, George Irving
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  • “- Shirley Blake: Who's that picture of?
    - James Loop Merritt: Oh. A girl I used to know.
    - Shirley Blake: She's a pretty lady.
    - James Loop Merritt: I used to think so. But it's not enough to be pretty on the outside. You've got to be pretty on the inside, too.
    - Shirley Blake: How can you be pretty in there?
    - James Loop Merritt: By thinking...” (continue)
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    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
    James Dunn - James Loop Merritt
    [Tag:beauty, girl, picture]
  • “- James Loop Merritt: Today your mother got so lonesome for your daddy that she went to see him.
    - Shirley Blake: All the way up to Heaven?
    - James Loop Merritt: All the way up to Heaven. They're up there together now.
    - Shirley Blake: You mean... my mother cracked up, too?
    - James Loop Merritt: I'm sorry, dear.”

    James Dunn - James Loop Merritt
    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
    [Tag:death, heaven, mother]
  • “- Joy Smythe: My psychoanalyst told me there ain't any Santa Claus or fairies or giants or anything like that.
    - Shirley Blake: I'll bet you'd feel pretty bad tomorrow morning if you woke up and you didn't have any presents.
    - Joy Smythe: Well, I won't. Wanna know why? 'Cause I already peeked in the closet and saw 'em.
    - Shirley Blake: I don't...” (continue)
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    Jane Withers - Joy Smythe
    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
  • “- Shirley Blake: Ooh, we're going up!
    - James Loop Merritt: That's right, we're going way up. Do you know where we're going?
    - Shirley Blake: No.
    - James Loop Merritt: We're going right up to Heaven.”

    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
    James Dunn - James Loop Merritt
    [Tag:death, heaven]
  • “I've got a present for you. This isn't from Santa Claus. This is from me to you. This is a magic ring, see? Just like in the fairy tales. If ever you're in trouble, or if you ever want me to do anything for you, you send me this ring, and I'll come.”

    James Dunn - James Loop Merritt
  • “- Shirley Blake: Mother, I dressed myself, and I put my clothes away, all folded and everything.
    - Mary Blake: Well, you're your mother's little angel, that's what you are.
    - Shirley Blake: No, I'm not, because angels have wings, like these.
    - Mary Blake: Those are your daddy's pilot wings.
    - Shirley Blake: I know, and now he's really an angel,...” (continue)
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    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
    Lois Wilson - Mary Blake
    [Tag:angels, father, love]
  • “Now listen to me, you two. I want you to understand just one thing. If you ever expect to get anything out of me, you're going to be human enough and decent enough to take Shirley into this house to live. I'll pay for her board and her clothes.”

    Charles Sellon - Uncle Ned Smith
    [Tag:caring, despair, love]
  • “Heaven is a very nice place. If we're good, we'll all live there someday.”
    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
    [Tag:death, flying, heaven]
  • “- Shirley Blake: My daddy could fly better than anyone in the whole world, couldn't he?
    - James Loop Merritt: That's right, better than anyone in the whole world. You know, your daddy and I were pals ever since we were about as big as you are. That's why I'm your godfather.
    - Shirley Blake: And then one day he cracked up and went away to Heaven,...” (continue)
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    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
    James Dunn - James Loop Merritt
    [Tag:death, father, flying]
  • “- Shirley Blake: I asked Santa Claus to bring me a doll.
    - Joy Smythe: There ain't any Santa Claus!
    - Shirley Blake: There is too!”

    Shirley Temple - Shirley Blake
    Jane Withers - Joy Smythe