“Burglar” quotes

Movie Burglar
Title Burglar
Year 1987
Director Hugh Wilson
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Bernice Rhodenbarr is the owner of a bookstore in San Francisco. By night she's a thief but, when she tries to stop her lucrative career, a corrupt policeman threatens her.
All actors – Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwait, G.W. Bailey, Lesley Ann Warren, James Handy, Anne De Salvo, John Goodman, Elizabeth Ruscio, Vyto Ruginis, Larry Mintz, Raye Birk, Eric Poppick
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  • “There is a distinct difference between killing someone and fucking them!”
    Lesley Ann Warren - Dr. Cynthia Sheldrake
    [Tag:killing, sex]
  • “- Carl Hefler: I'm a black man in a white man's world...
    - Det. Nyswander: Uh, Mr. Hefler, you're caucasian...
    - Carl Hefler: Beautiful! Hold that against me too!”

    John Goodman - Detective Nyswander
    Lesley Ann Warren - Dr. Cynthia Sheldrake