“Cadillac Man” quotes

Movie Cadillac Man
Title Cadillac Man
Year 1990
Director Roger Donaldson
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Joey O'Brien's life is not as easy as it appears. He is separated from his wife Tina - but the two still have a good relationship. He is harassed by her because their daughter Lisa does not return home one night and because soon she will need $500 a month for University. Some women adore him and he has lots of debts - he owes $20,000 to a disreputable crime boss. On top of all this the company where he works threatens to lay off most of the staff in conjunction with a one-day super-sales event in which Joey will have to give away at least twelve cars in a day. Things are already complicated and they get more so when a certain Larry swoops into the shop with a machine gun while Joey is closing with two potential customers. Larry is as naive as emotional: he is the jealous husband of Donna, who he believes has had flings with superiors and co-workers. While the mad man talks too much and shoots wildly, it is up to Joey with his eloquence to intervene. Courageously, he tells Larry that he actually had the opportunity to flirt with Donna and his "confession" paradoxically reduces the rage of the betrayed man. Then, calming the hostages, contacting the police who have surrounded the building and reassuring and misleading the idiot husband, Joey blabbers, sweats buckets and manages to render Larry harmless, thus becoming a hero. He then receives thanks and promises from the freed hostages, the total remission of his debt from the boss and a tender hug and an invitation to dinner from his wife Tina, who has arrived at the scene with their ditsy daughter.
All actors – Robin Williams, Tim Robbins, Pamela Reed, Fran Drescher, Zack Norman, Lori Petty, Annabella Sciorra, Paul Guilfoyle, Bill Nelson, Eddie Jones, Mimi Cecchini, Tristine Skyler
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