“Confessions of a Nazi Spy” quotes

Movie Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Title Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Year 1939
Director Anatole Litvak
Genre Drama, War
All actors – Edward G. Robinson, Francis Lederer, George Sanders, Paul Lukas, Henry O'Neill, Dorothy Tree, Lya Lys, Grace Stafford, James Stephenson, Hedwiga Reicher, Joe Sawyer, Sig Ruman
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  • “Racial and religious hatred must be fostered on the basis of American-Aryanism. Classism must be encouraged in a way that the labor and the middle classes will become confused and antagonistic. In the ensuing chaos, we will be able to take control.”
    Martin Kosleck - Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels
  • Force is the only language you will understand! And we'll speak to you in your own language soon enough!”

    Paul Lukas - Dr. Kassell
    [Tag:threat, violence]
  • “I am an American of German birth, and there are hundreds of thousands like me who stand absolutely against you Nazis! You can't make these ex-soldiers believe that all the Germans in America are traitors like you!”

    Frederick Giermann - German-American man
  • “You see these Nazis operating here, and you think of all those in Germany, you can't help feeling somehow that they're absolutely insane.”
    Edward G. Robinson - Edward 'Ed' Renard
    [Tag:madness, nazism]
  • He's been listening to speeches, and reading pamphlets about Nazi Germany and believing them. Unfortunately, there are thousands like him in America. Half-witted, hysterical crackpots who go "Hitler-happy" from overindulgence in propaganda that makes them believe that they're supermen.
    Edward G. Robinson - Edward 'Ed' Renard
    [Tag:idealism, nazism]