“Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” quotes

Movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Title Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Year 1986
Director John McNaughton
Genre Drama, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Biography
Interpreted by
Plot – Teenage Henry kills his mother who often made him wear woman's clothes and look at her while having sex. For this reasons he becomes a sexual criminal. He disseminates bodies throughout the city, stabbing or strangling random women but also murdering innocent bikers for fun. Henry is a sturdy-looking quiet youngster living with Otis, his former jail mate. Becky, Otis' sister, moves in with them. Her husband is in prison and she has left mother and daughter to live in Chicago and look for work. She is a dancer but she becomes a hairdresser and soon she falls in love with silent Henry. Meanwhile Otis, who one night witnesses Henry killing two prostitutes, starts liking these murders. He also begins to kill, recording the violent scenes with a camera stolen from a fence murdered by Henry. When Otis - excited and drunk - attempts to rape his sister, Henry intervenes, fights with him, kills him, dismembers his body and, helped by Becky, throws the remains into the river. Planning to run away and live together on Henry's sister's farm, they stop to spend the night at a motel. At dawn Henry walks out with a big suitcase which he then leaves on the edge of the highway with its macabre contents - Becky's corpse.
All actors – Mary Demas, Michael Rooker, Anne Bartoletti, Elizabeth Kaden, Ted Kaden, Denise Sullivan, Anita Ores, Megan Ores, Cheri Jones, Monica Anne O'Malley, Bruce Quist, Erzsebet Sziky
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