“10 to Midnight” quotes

Movie 10 to Midnight
Title 10 to Midnight
Year 1983
Director J. Lee Thompson
Genre Drama, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – A young and harmless employee works in a business office, but he's actually a sex maniac who chooses his victims with great care. He slaughters them naked and armed with a long knife. The police is on his trails and Lieutenant Kessler believes the criminal is a young man who has already been stopped and questioned. Kessler carries on his investigations and the maniac plans to kill his young daughter in revenge. After many ups and downs, the lieutenant finally arrests him. As the maniac declares his mental infirmity and mocks Kessler, the agent shoots him in cold blood.
All actors – Charles Bronson, Lisa Eilbacher, Andrew Stevens, Gene Davis, Geoffrey Lewis, Wilford Brimley, Robert F. Lyons, Bert Williams, Iva Lane, Ola Ray, Kelly Preston, Cosie Costa
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  • “- Warren Stacy: How about we get together? What you say?
    - Laurie Kessler: Well, I don't usually go out with strangers. What did you say your name was?”

    Gene Davis - Warren Stacy
    Lisa Eilbacher - Laurie Kessler
    [Tag:flirting, name]
  • “You go in that courtroom and forget what's legal and do what's right.”
    Charles Bronson - Leo Kessler
    [Tag:court, right]
  • “I remember when legal meant lawful. Now it means loophole.”
    Charles Bronson - Leo Kessler
    [Tag:law, meaning]
  • “- Laurie Kessler: That's some lunch, Dad. Coleslaw and quiche?
    - Leo Kessler: I hate quiche.
    - Canteen Cashier: Then why did you get it?
    - Leo Kessler: I thought it was pie!”

    Lisa Eilbacher - Laurie Kessler
    Charles Bronson - Leo Kessler
    [Tag:food, like, mistake]
  • “- Medical Examiner: Death was caused by the severing of the intestines and major arteries causing massive hemorrhaging.
    - Leo Kessler: This is all alright but can you tell us something that we can use?”

    Jerome Thor - Medical Examiner
    Charles Bronson - Leo Kessler
    [Tag:death, murder]
  • “- Captain Malone: Was this girl raped, doc?
    - Medical Examiner: There's no evidence of forcible entry.
    - Leo Kessler: I could have told you that, ya know.
    - Medical Examiner: On the basis of what?
    - Leo Kessler: If anybody does something like this, his knife has gotta be his penis.”

    Wilford Brimley - Captain Malone
    Jerome Thor - Medical Examiner
    Charles Bronson - Leo Kessler
    [Tag:genitalia, proof, rape]
  • “- Laurie Kessler: That's nice to know. What do you have in mind, Pedro?
    - Warren Stacy: I take you to a motel, we do it every way there is. How you like it? Up, down, front, back?”

    Lisa Eilbacher - Laurie Kessler
    Gene Davis - Warren Stacy
    [Tag:flirting, sex]
  • “What's the matter, cat got your tongue? To forgive is divine, they say. But I don't aspire to being an angel, know what I mean? You tried to kill me, I owe you for that. And I always try and pay what I owe. Be seeing you, Mr Kessler.”
    Gene Davis - Warren Stacy
  • “- Warren Stacy: Go ahead, arrest me. Take me in. You can't punish me. I'm sick. You can't punish me for being sick! All you can do is lock me up. But not forever. One day I'll get out. One day I'll get out. That's the law! That's the law! That's the law! And I'll be back! I'll be back! And you'll hear from me! You and the whole fucking world!
    -...” (continue)
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    Gene Davis - Warren Stacy
    Charles Bronson - Leo Kessler
    [Tag:law, prison]