“Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise” quotes

Movie Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise
Title Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise
Year 2006
Director Robert Harmon
Genre Drama, Crime, Mystery
Plot – A fourteen-year-old girl dies in the lake of a rural town. Police chief Stone and his colleague Simpson investigate and when Stone discovers the truth, he considers the murder a personal matter.
All actors – Tom Selleck, Viola Davis, Kohl Sudduth, Orla Brady, Gary Basaraba, John Diehl, Debra Christofferson, Mae Whitman, Matt Barr, Edward Edwards, Brendan Kelly, Liisa Repo-Martell
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  • “- Jesse Stone: He probably wouldn't be the townhero if he were ugly.
    - Lilly Summers: Well that's cynical.
    - Jesse Stone: I prefer observant.
    - Lilly Summers: And being observant would make you cynical, wouldn't it?”

    Tom Selleck - Jesse Stone
    Orla Brady - Lilly Summers
  • “- Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson: Looking for anything special?
    - Jesse Stone: A clue would be good.
    - Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson: Such as?
    - Jesse Stone: Anything that looks like a clue.”

    Kohl Sudduth - Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson
    Tom Selleck - Jesse Stone
  • “- Carole Genest: You think if you went to college things would have turned out different with her?
    - Jesse Stone: Probably not, but I would have gotten an education.
    - Carole Genest: From her or from school?
    - Jesse Stone: Both.”

    Liisa Repo-Martell - Carole Genest
    Tom Selleck - Jesse Stone