“Just in Time” quotes

Movie Just in Time
Shawn Levy directed this movie in 1997
Title Just in Time
Year 1997
Director Shawn Levy
Genre Drama, Comedy, Family
Plot – Michael’s wife died in an accident. Torn apart by the pain, the man tries to recover thanks to the daughter Lily, a clever 7-year-old child. However, his job is too intense, so he has to hire a babysitter. Lily seems to dislike everyone, until Faith arrives, who quickly becomes friend with the child. When Michael realizes that he has feelings for Faith, the girl has to go away forever. Or maybe not.
All actors – Mark Moses, Rebecca Chambers, Jane Sibbett, Steven Eckholdt, Brittany Alyse Smith, Micole Mercurio, Scott Ditty, Rosalind Soulam, Frank Gerrish, Dennis Saylor, Micaela Nelligan, Jeff Olson
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