“D3: The Mighty Ducks” quotes

Movie D3: The Mighty Ducks
Title D3: The Mighty Ducks
Year 1996
Director Robert Lieberman
Genre Drama, Comedy, Sport, Family, Action
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Plot – The Ducks are a crazy ice hockey team which has won many matches thanks to the coach's tenacity. At Eden Hall Academy, the Ducks will have to face the local snooty high school team.
All actors – Emilio Estevez, Jeffrey Nordling, David Selby, Heidi Kling, Joshua Jackson, Joss Ackland, Elden Henson, Shaun Weiss, Vincent Larusso, Matt Doherty, Garette Ratliff Henson, Marguerite Moreau
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  • “Every Monday, you will have a practice quiz. Every Wednesday, you will have a real quiz. Every Friday, you will have an exam. And any time I feel like it, you will have a surprise quiz or exam.”

    Claudia Wilkens - Mrs. Madigan
    [Tag:teachers, test, threat]
  • Confidence. It's not just about hockey. It's easy to be confident when you have control of the puck. It's very, very difficult to keep that confidence when you gotta take whatever strange bounces life throws your way. Don't be careless, but don't be too careful either.”

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
  • “- Coach Ted Orion: You got two choices, Conway: take off the jersey right now or you don't play.
    - Charlie Conway: You're breaking up the best thing any of us ever had.
    - Coach Ted Orion: Well, it's time to grow up.
    - Charlie Conway: Grow up? Like you, huh? A washed-up pro who has to show off to a bunch of kids. Geez, that's real grown up.”

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    [Tag:growth, teamwork]
  • - Scott: Hey, can we call it even?
    - Julie "The Cat" Gaffney: I hate ties. They're like kissing your brother.

    Scott Whyte - Scott
    Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine - Julie "The Cat" Gaffney
  • “- Connie Moreau: This ninja stuff really makes you look... I don't know how you say...
    - Guy Germaine: Ruggedly handsome?
    - Connie Moreau: Amazingly stupid.”

    Marguerite Moreau - Connie Moreau
    Garette Ratliff Henson - Guy Germaine
  • “- Charlie Conway: He doesn't exactly seem open to new learning experiences.
    - Hans: The question is, are you?”

    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    Joss Ackland - Hans
  • “You cannot be afraid to lose. That's how you gain the confidence to attack the game when the puck isn't yours. That's how you attack life even when you think you don't have any control. And that's how you play real defense.”

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
  • “- Coach Ted Orion: What's the one thing all great teams have in common?
    - Lester Averman: Great coaching.”

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
    Matt Doherty - Lester Averman
    [Tag:leader, team]
  • “- Gordon Bombay: I told Orion about all this when I talked to him about taking over. I told him that you were the heart of the team and that you would learn something from each other. I told him that you were the real Minnesota Miracle Man.
    - Charlie Conway: You did?
    - Gordon Bombay: I did. So be that man, Charlie. Be that man.”

    Emilio Estevez - Gordon Bombay
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    [Tag:awareness, team, worth]
  • “- Ken Wu: Russ, you gotta teach me how to talk some trash.
    - Russ Tyler: It can't be taught, Kenny, man. I mean, it's got to be the first thing that comes to your mind. You just got to go for it. Try it.”

    Justin Wong - Ken Wu
    Kenan Thompson - Russ Tyler
  • “- Cole: What the hell kind of brownies are these ?
    - Charlie Conway: I gotta tell her to stop using the horse turds in the recipe.”

    Michael Cudlitz - Cole
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    [Tag:appearance, food]
  • “We don't have time for learning. We need to win. They could lose their scholarships.”

    David Selby - Dean Buckley
  • “How long does it take to score a goal? Less than a second! That means no lead is safe if you can't play defense!”

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
    [Tag:defense, game, time]
  • “I've never had a better time. These kids are winners, each and every one of them. But more than that, these are good people. I hope that they enrich and enliven your school and your lives the way they have mine.”

    Emilio Estevez - Gordon Bombay
  • “- Charlie Conway: We're up to it, Coach.
    - Coach Ted Orion: I know you are, but you deserve to win. Not careless, but not too careful either. If you see your shot, take it. Make sure it counts.”

    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
  • “You learn a hell of a lot more from losing than from winning.”

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
  • “- Coach Ted Orion: Goldberg! When's the last time you practiced?
    - Goldberg: We don't really practice, per se. We either play or play around. You know, have fun. You know, that thing that makes you smile and laugh.”

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
    Shaun Weiss - Greg "Goldie" Goldberg
  • - Julie "The Cat" Gaffney: I heard he was a Buddhist. You know, like Kung Fu or Richard Gere.
    - Ken Wu: Kung Fu wasn't a Buddhist. He was a Trappist monk.

    Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine - Julie "The Cat" Gaffney
    Justin Wong - Ken Wu
    [Tag:movie, religion]
  • - Coach Ted Orion: My name is Coach Orion. You can call me "Coach'' or "Coach Orion".
    - Charlie Conway: Well, you can call me "Charlie''.
    - Coach Ted Orion: That must be what that "C'' on your jersey stands for. It sure doesn't stand for "captain".

    Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Ted Orion
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    [Tag:leader, name]
  • “You can learn a lot from ants. These Brazilian fire ants can teach you a lot about successful societal structure. You see there's one queen in there. The rest are dedicated worker ants. Everybody pulls their weight. Nobody complains. There's harmony and growth.”

    David Selby - Dean Buckley
  • - Julie "The Cat" Gaffney: I want to know who this new Coach Orion is. My dad said that if I didn't like him, I could come right home.
    - Russ Tyler: That's nice. My dad said I better stay in on scholarship or he'll whip my butt.

    Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine - Julie "The Cat" Gaffney
    Kenan Thompson - Russ Tyler
    [Tag:father, school, threat]