“Heavyweights” quotes

Movie Heavyweights
Title Heavyweights
Original title Heavy Weights
Year 1995
Director Steven Brill
Genre Drama, Comedy, Sport, Family
Plot – A group of children with weight problems arrive at Camp Hope to spend the long-awaited summer holidays. Unfortunately, slim and muscular children are staying in the camp next to their one. At first, these ones make fun of the rivals to make them feel, in some way, inferior. Then, the fat people slowly get in contact with the skinny people and they realizes it is not worth making fun of each other. They organize competitions and tournaments to try to affirm the supremacy of one group over the other.
All actors – David Goldman, Joseph Wayne Miller, Cody Burger, Allen Covert, Tim Blake Nelson, Nancy Ringham, Seth St. Laurent, Bobby Fain, Tom McGowan, Aaron Schwartz, Shaun Weiss, Tom Hodges
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