“Parasite” quotes

Movie Parasite
Title Parasite
Original title Gisaengchung
Year 2019
Director Joon-ho Bong
Genre Drama, Comedy, Thriller
All actors – Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Jo, Woo-sik Choi, So-dam Park, Jeong-eun Lee, Hye-jin Jang, Ji-hye Lee, Ji-so Jung, Myeong-hoon Park, Seo-joon Park, Keun-rok Park, Seong-Bong Ahn, Kang Echae, Jeong Esuz, Ik-han Jung, Dong-yong Lee, JaeWook Park, Hyun-jun Jung, Joo-hyung Lee, Hyo-shin Pak, , Andreas Fronk
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  • “- Ki-taek: They are rich but still nice.
    - Chung-sook, Ki-taek's wife: They are nice because they are rich.”

    Kang-ho Song - Kim Ki-taek
    Hye-jin Jang - Kim Chung-sook
    [Tag:kindness, wealth]
  • Dad, today I made a plan - a fundamental plan. I'm going to earn money, a lot of it. University, a career, marriage, those are all fine, but first I'll earn money. When I have money, I'll buy the house. On the day we move in, Mom and I will be in the yard. Because the sunshine is so nice there. All you'll need to do is walk up the stairs. Take...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Woo-sik Choi - Kim Ki-woo
  • “You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan. No plan at all. You know why? Because life cannot be planned.”
    Kang-ho Song - Kim Ki-taek
    [Tag:life, planning]
  • “- Ki-taek: Rich people are naive. No resentments. No creases on them.
    - Chung-sook, Ki-taek's wife: It all gets ironed out. Money is an iron. Those creases all get smoothed out by money.”

    Kang-ho Song - Kim Ki-taek
    Hye-jin Jang - Kim Chung-sook
    [Tag:money, wealth]
  • “- Yeon-gyo: Da-song is an artist by nature. Look at this painting.
    - Ki-woo: It's so metaphorical. It's really strong.
    - Yeon-gyo: Strong, right? You've got an eye for this.
    - Ki-woo: It's a chimpanzee, right?
    - Yeon-gyo: A self-portrait. ”

    Woo-sik Choi - Kim Ki-woo
    Yeo-jeong Jo - Park Yeon-kyo
    [Tag:art, artist]