“Police Academy 3: Back in Training” quotes

Movie Police Academy 3: Back in Training
Title Police Academy 3: Back in Training
Year 1986
Director Jerry Paris
Genre Comedy
Plot – The US government has to reduce police schools' funding due to emerging economic straits. There are two remaining schools, Commander Mauser's and Commander Lassard's. One of the two should be closed. Mauser is ready to do anything to keep his school and to win the hearts of those who count: he sends two of his loyalists to the rival school to create trouble and check out the situation. Lassard thinks, instead, of resorting to his former most talented students to save his school and to have them worthily prepare his students, who actually do not seem fit to become law enforcement agents. He draws the skilled Mahoney, the "Rambo" Tackleberry, the giant Hightower, the busty and combative Callahan, the imitator Jones, the former timid Hooks. Thus begins a kind of duel between the two schools; students of both do their best to make a good impression in front of the governor and the jury, but Lassard's students seem to be losing despite the efforts and the promptings of the former model students. The abduction of the governor saves them from defeat and Lassard's men bravely free the governor and also manage to arrest the culprits. Mauser is thus forced to suffer defeat: his school will cease to exist.
All actors – Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf, Michael Winslow, Marion Ramsey, Leslie Easterbrook, Art Metrano, Tim Kazurinsky, Bobcat Goldthwait, George Gaynes, Shawn Weatherly, Scott Thomson
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  • “- Lieutenant Debbie Callahan: You had impressive moves for a cadet.
    - Cadet Nogata: Thank you. You see, it's a matter of the mind being mightier than the bosom.
    - Lieutenant Debbie Callahan: Interesting theory.”

    Leslie Easterbrook - Debbie Callahan
    Brian Tochi - Cadet Nogata
    [Tag:ability, mind, theory]
  • “In my country it is written: only kiss from beautiful woman can compare to a petal of a rose.”
    Brian Tochi - Cadet Nogata
    [Tag:kiss, women]
  • “- Sgt. Carey Mahoney: What about the evaluation?
    - Cmndt. Lassard: One of my boys might be in trouble. Screw the evaluation!
    - Sgt. Carey Mahoney: I love it when you talk dirty, sir.”

    Steve Guttenberg - Carey Mahoney
    George Gaynes - Eric Lassard